Action research: Address the following questions using specific examples from your professional experience


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Paper instructions:
Address the following questions using specific examples from your professional experience
a. What sorts of topics are best approached through action research?

b.Consider each of the six categories of approaches discussed in Chapter 16.  Could you design an evaluation study for a program you are familiar with (curriculum or instruction) using each of these approaches?  Why or why not? Support Material by

Action research

Action research is a process by which educators carry out research to find solutions to the daily problems in the classroom. For a successful action research, educators are urged to focus on issues they can influence. This is because educators are more often than not motivated to solve problems they have personally identified rather than those that have been identified by others.

One of the topics approached through action research is the class specific research. In this topic, teachers investigate and seek solutions for a specific issue in the classroom. For example, a teacher may notice paroxysm in a certain student when a particular subject begins and can therefore move to address that issue by trying several remedial actions then identifying the most effective one. Another topic is collaborative research whereby teachers can work collectively to resolve a specific problem. For instance, a school may have limited computer facilities and teachers may notice that their requests to access the computer lab are overlapping. Teachers can seek a remedy to this problem by developing plans that allow different classrooms to access the labs at different times of the school year which will never overlap. The third is presenting findings. In this topic, teachers work individually in conducting action research which then can benefit other teachers who are doing research. After conducting individual research, teachers present their findings to a teacher’s meeting to let other teachers to incorporate their findings in the classroom. The final topic is the district research in which school districts perform action research on the community as one. Once educators try different ideas, they will discover the approaches that motivate parental involvement and those that will not.

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