Album Review Essay.

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The purpose of this assignment is for each student to listen to one historically significant jazz recording during the semester and write a one-page review. Students must select an album for review from the list of recordings in the following link: These are the only albums that are approved for the assignment! You may listen to any of the albums from the list in their entirety for free using Spotify. If you do not currently have a Spotify membership, you may download Spotify for free on their official website at Write your responses beneath each question, and please note there is a sentence requirement. There is no time limit and you may enter and exit the test freely, but always save your responses. You will be graded on meeting these requirements in addition to the overall quality of your writing and correct use of grammar. Using complete sentences, identify the name of the album and the personnel of the group. Who is the session leader? Using complete sentences, identify the instrumentation (trumpet, alto saxophone, piano, etc.) and group format (trio, quartet, quintet, sextet, big band, etc. What is the background of your favorite player from the album? Consider their early childhood and upbringing, early musical training, musical influences, and development of their career (6 sentence minimum). Briefly discuss the different styles of jazz (swing, bebop, cool, hard bop, modal, avant-garde) and the musical characteristics (tempo, meter, harmonic complexity, consonance, dissonance, rhythmic feel, etc.) of each track (be sure and include specific track names). (6 sentences minimum) What was your favorite song? (Include specific song title) The content of your response should include your emotional viewpoint of the song. Why is it your favorite song? How do you feel about the musical style and characteristics, instrumentation, lyrics, etc? This is your personal opinion about the song you have chosen. (6 sentences minimum) What is the historical significance of the album? Was the album ground breaking, influential, or pivotal in the artist\’s career and how so? (6 sentences minimum)

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