Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California by Albert Bierstadt Essay

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Details:Pick a single painting from the semester’s work and post a
300-word paper about it. “Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California\” by Albert
Bierstadt, but if you see a easier painting in the book you can write
about that. At least One word site must be from the book. Paragraph
1: Briefly identify the artist, when and where it was painted, and its
place in the history of arts Paragraph 2: Critique the painting by
answering the five \”critical questions\” Bishop suggests asking in
Chapter 1: In what medium is the picture created? What are the
picture\’s important lines and shapes? How does the picture use
color and light? Does the picture contain significant patterns?
How are the part of the picture combined into a meaningful whole?
(page 14 in the 6th edition) Paragraph 3: Discuss how you relate to
the painting intellectually and aesthetically, what meaning it has in
your life, and how it fits in what you have learned in this course.



Here’s a snippet of the essay.



Albert Bierstadt, born January 7th in the year 1830, was a German-American painter who was best recognized for his particularly sweeping landscape paintings of the American West. Albert was among the second generation of landscape painters in America who specialized in the grand views of American West (Bishop 340). Bierstadt first went to the American West in 1859, when he sketched and made paintings of the grand mountain vistas (Ibid).  Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California was one such work of the American West’s inspiration to Albert. In this gigantic landscape, tiny foreground wildlife sets off a spectacular scale, and brilliant lighting of the peaks and cliffs (340). Completed in 1868, the luminism style painting done in oil paints can be viewed at the National Museum of American Art (Washington DC). Albert painted the artwork in his Rome studio which was then showed in Berlin and London before shipping it to the U.S.A. The paintwork was done during an era occasioned by a favourable market for visual marvels of the nation’s frontiers and this fuelled America’s image as a promised land.


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