Analysis of Hilton Hotels Ethics Essay.

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Analyze a global corporation’s ethics documents (i.e.
mission/values statement and/or Code of Conduct or Statement of Ethics
or Values).  Highlight the major components of their ethics and
indicate which of the ethical models we have studied in class are best
reflected in these corporate documents.  If you work for a global
corporation, do not use your company, but you may chose a competitor
in the industry.  write a 4-6 page analysis, and please include 2-3
pertinent pages from their web site.

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Due globalization, ethics and corporate social responsibility have become critical issues in the business world.  With the increasing global challenges for corporations to protect the environment and ethically relate with all stakeholders, companies and employees have to formulate means of operating ethically while at the same time remaining profitable (Ferrell, 2012). Tourism is currently among the largest and growing industries in the world, with global hotel chains significantly dominating this sector (Conrady, 2012). As a result of their direct and indirect effects on the society, these global hospitality industries are coming under pressure from the communities, guests, governments and financial investors to become more environmentally and socially responsible. This is due to the fact that these global hotel chains play an important role in contributing to the transformation of their host’s economic futures through their corporate social responsibility and ethical policies (Conrady, 2012). These practices are all about these hotels management, ethical relations with employees and customers and enhancement of their impacts on the society and the environment. In today’s corporate environment, the society expects companies to be more responsible in terms of relating with its stakeholders as well as participating in activities that benefit the society; this includes issues like safety, service quality, environmental conservation, good working conditions for employees and much more (Lieberman, 2008). This paper analyzes the ethics of Hilton Worldwide by focusing on its mission, values and code of conduct statement.


Hilton management, mission and values    

Hilton Worldwide is a leading global hospitality chain owned by a secret equity firm known as Blackstone Group. Hilton brands comprise of 3,897 hotels in 91 states, with over 642,000 rooms globally (Hilton Worldwide, 2012). The corporation also owns and manages other hotel chains with different trade names like Conrad hotels and Waldorf Astoria hotels and resorts. According to its mission, the hotel strives to be the finest global hospitality industry by ensuring it remains to be the preferred option by guests, owners and employees (Hilton Worldwide, 2012). Hilton Worldwide emphasizes on ethical practices and behavior, this clearly comes out in how its values on integrity, teamwork, hospitality, leadership and ownership are reflected its activities.


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