Analyzing an Artifact in Romanticism Essay.

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Analyze an artifact in Romanticism like \’The Third of May 1808\’, \’Liberty Leading the People\’, or \’Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog\’. 1. need compare to Neo-classic style, how them similar and different. 2. How it focused on nature In Art Romantics use events that are happening in the time Romantics use extreme emotional topics Romantics have stormy skies Romantics focus on the common man Romantics focus on nature Romantics focus on Revolution Romantics focus on war and the horrors of war


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Analyzing Liberty Leading the People in Romanticism.


Different philosophies have influenced creative and artistic pursuits; the two most significant and long lasting philosophies are romanticism and neoclassicism. The dissimilarity between these two styles depends in the difference between emotion and reason, between innovation and tradition and between society and the individual. Art from this period symbolize philosophies through literary styles, themes and characters. Neoclassicism is 17th century product. Individuals during this time valued creative works and the cultures created by storied society like ancient Rome and Greece. This style was born after the rejection of Boroque and the Rocco styles in the mid of the 18th century (Irwin 15). Neoclassic artists wanted a method that could express critical moral principles like honor, patriotism and justice. This movement was an educational one, because its followers had a belief that art could spread enlightenment and knowledge. Romanticism, alternatively, came up in the 18th century as an alternative and response to neoclassicism. This style emphasizes on appreciation of the different and exotic. It is about expression and wildness rather than control. Artists using the romanticism style had no rigid laws involving subject matter properties and beauty. Therefore, romanticism is a creative point of view. The central principles of romanticism emphasizes on the heroic individual power and the individual as a larger part of social, heroic and cultural structures (Vaughan 25). Romanticism artists talked about their countries’ glories in their art. They viewed themselves as branch of important people with a manifest fate in reshaping the world. Their arts in many cases had mysticism, magic and nature. The painting, Liberty leading the people by Delacroix Eugene is a good example of this kind of art.


Eugene Delacroix revolutionary painting, Liberty leading the people is a powerfully painted piece of art that symbolize romanticism through its representation of rebellious character of the followers, political struggles and fight for independence. Art is influenced by historical conditions and socio-political occurrences; therefore, art is a response to society transformations and changes. Liberty leading the people was painted in 1830. This century is also referred to as the age of illumination or enlightenment because it is characterized by the search for knowledge, physical materialism, industrialism and neo-classical art. Romanticism was invented as a response to these events and changes. Eugene uses romanticism in his art as it shows the current style of art. War is the perfect medium for romanticism as it unites violence, terror and heroism. This is symbolized in Liberty leading the people as it portrays 1830 July revolution. As any other romantic piece of art, liberty leading the people has an inspiring aspect because it communicates feelings of intensity, greatness and grandeur (Wiseman 200).

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