Application essay for Public policy analysis Essay

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Essay format Summary of requirement: It should address the
following: your reasons for wishing to pursue graduate-level study in
Public Policy and Administration; how your previous studies and
experience have prepared you for the MA program; and your career
objectives and how the MA program relates to them. I have an MBA from
UK and about 12 years experience working for NGO designing exams
policies and procedures. I have been working for the British council
with examinations designing and implementing policies that impacts the
public. The essay should highlight my past experience and link it to
my interest in the above course. In addition I have traveled
extensively to many countries learning about people and culture. I
would like to essay in the following format: Opening quote
Introduction Purpose of the course and how I intend use the knowledge
for the good of humanity. In addition the mention about the global
politics in globalized economy and its impact on people. Mention about
learning about people and culture. Summary I would be using the essay
for 4 to 5 different universities in Canada and to strengthen the
essay, there has to be mention about the professors from the
respective universities and their areas of expertise.


 Here’s a snippet of the paper.


The economy, education, transportation, healthcare, housing, environment, jobs, energy and virtually all aspect of day to day life are either fully or partially affected by public policy decisions. Working in public service requires that one has the skills necessary to make policies and come up with decisions that will benefit the public.


Education and Professional Experience

                     My ultimate goal for joining your university is to further my studies and broaden my scope of knowledge in Public Policy and Administration. I have laid out a strong foundation in both my professional and academic experience in the past. I studied in Jabriya Indian School in Kuwait for my Higher Secondary education and proceeded to acquire a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication from Bangalore University. I also did a linguistic course and acquired a diploma in Spanish and French from the World Language Lab in India. In addition, I have a diploma in Computer Software from NIIT, an Interactive Marketing Award from Manchester Metropolitan University, and Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Durham, UK. To top it all off, I also took a CPD programme from the Chartered Institute of Marketing in the UK.

All my certifications and awards have not gone to waste since my self-driven work ethic has over the years led me to pursue careers that will help me implement what I studied. For my business courses in business administration and marketing, I have pursued careers in freelance securities/ investment analysis, project co-ordination and services management. I started out professionally in freelance securities and investment analysis in 1998 at Silverline Investments where I worked for 3 years. Investment analysis is an important consideration for any sound portfolio-management strategy and working as a financial advisor, I studied various organizational investments and how they were likely to perform. This helped me to advice on the suitability of given investments to given investors. Investors and corporations aside, working with the British Council in examinations services in my recent years has been more enlightening and challenging while giving me a chance to serve the general public as well. Initially as an examinations services officer for 5 years since January 2006, the duties allocated to me put my skills to the test. I was involved in coordination of teams and programmes, customer relations and image building for the council to schools and colleges, marketing, management support as well as service delivery that had to be both timely and of top standards.

My promotion to examination services manager at the British Council, Qatar only added to the duties that I am required to fulfil. The five year experience as an examinations officer does come in handy though. I prepared me for what was to come my way as the manager as I worked in tandem with the previous manager in various activities. From June 2011 to the present I’ve managed the British Council Examinations Service operation so as to support country strategic objectives, identified and exploited market opportunities, met and exceeded quality standards, formation, training, leading and monitoring the performance of various teams and team members.



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