Application of Lasers in Medicine Essay.

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Details:• Lasers – Basic Theory (Einstein Theory 1917) – History of Lasers – Basic Concepts • Lasers Applications in Medicine – Types of Lasers used in medicine applications – Clinical Applications • Laser Devices in Medicine – First laser devices used in medicine – Their Structure – Innovations (modern devices) – Differences between old and modern laser devices (similarities and differences).


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Laser is an acronym of ‘light amplified by stimulated emission of radiation.’ Lasers are devices which produce light by optical amplification using stimulated production of electromagnetic radiation. Lasers are different from other sources of light in that their production of the same light is coherent. This coherence allows for the light to be directed to a given spot enabling the processes such as cutting and lithographing. It also allows beams of light to maintain narrowness over long distances in a process known as collimation. Lasers are provided with energy and optical feedback for them to function reliably and efficiently. The mechanism of amplification is called a gain medium and works to increase the power of the light which passes through it.


Basic theory

                  Albert Einstein, who started with his research in the area of quantum mechanics, in his paper of photoelectric effect explained how light works. He proved that light is not a continuation of waves, it is not made up of small and hard particles but it is made up of photons which are bundles of waves of energy. He argued that the amount of energy in every photon matches the frequency of those waves which make up the bundles. Higher frequencies carry greater amounts of energy in the involved bundle (Eistein, 1917).


Albert Einstein did not invent the laser but he laid down the basic theory by proving that lasers could actually exist. This he did by occurrence of stimulated emission of radiation. He used photons mathematically to show the possibility of a large pool of atoms with an overflow of energy producing a photon randomly and in a random path (Einstein, 1917).

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