Article Review Help

Article Review Help

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Definition of an Article Review

Understanding how to write an article review is one of the most resourceful any student can achieve. What is an article review? An article review is both a summary and an evaluation of another writer’s article. Assignments on article reviews are often given to introduce students to the work of experts in the field. Experts can also review the work of other experts as a way of increasing their knowledge in their expertise.

When writing an article review, understanding the main points and arguments in the article is an important step for an accurate summation. Logical evaluation of the articles main theme, the supporting arguments and the implications for further research are some of the important elements in an article review.

How to Write Quality Article Reviews

Read the article several times

Reading the article you are reviewing helps you to get to know much about the article. In the process of reading, put much attention on the table of contents, the abstract, and the introduction. The parts give you ideas on the central focus and the coverage of the article and the reasons the writer had in writing the article. Skimming through the whole article while noting the opening sentences of paragraphs and glancing at any tables, illustrations or any other available graphic materials.

The introduction to the article should be read closely as it gives the main issues or the focus of the author that will be discussed and it also indicates the theoretical or conceptual framework within which the author proposes to work

Much attention should also be given to the last part of the article as it contains the authors conclusions and it summarizes the main points and explains why these conclusions have been reached.

After skimming through and grasping the idea, you should now read the whole text thouroughly to develop the basis on which the review san be made. Reading the article a third time while highlighting the important sections is also advised.

Summary outline of an article review

The outline contains the main points made in the article and the research and arguments that support it. The outline is strictly a restatement of the main points of the article and must never include your opinions

Before settling on the summary review, it is advised that you review the summary outline and eliminate the unnecessary items. In the course of reviewing the outline, erase or cross out the less important or supplemental information.

Writing the outline of your opinions

From the summary outline, review each item to determine the accuracy of the author. In outline form, note the instances of effective writing, the new contributions it has made to the field as well as the areas in the article that you think improvement is needed. In the outline of your opinions, include the list of strengths and weaknesses. Use specific examples and references.

Drafting and writing your article review

The article review should have an initial identification of the article. This includes the details of the author, the title of the article, the year of publication and any other details that you may consider important. Indicate the major aspects of the article that you will be discussing.

Summarize the article. This is a brief summary of the range, the contents and the argument of the article. Summary can be done in sections but in short review where you pick the main themes of the article only. The summary should not take up more than a third of the whole article review. It is necessary that you review the summary after writing it to ensure that the words accurately describe the authors article.

The opinion portion of your article review. Has the author addressed the topic well? One must be clear about the authors own argument before criticizing and evaluating it. By using the otline of opinions, you should write several paragraphs that explain how well the author addressed the topic. Express your opinion about whether the article was a clear, thorough and useful explanation of the subject. Your criticisms should have evidence from the text or other writings to support. One is also allowed to indicate gaps in the way the author has treated the topic: but is it not weird to criticize a writer for not doing something they never intended to do?

Conclude the article review. In the last paragraph summarize the main points of the article as well as the overall contribution that the article has made to your understanding of the topic. This may include the importance of the article to the development of knowledge in a particular discipline.




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