Autism Spectrum Disorder & Gifted children Essay.

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Directions: A substantive paragraph or more for each question should
be included to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts.  Please
include a reference to support your ideas in this assignment.  Take
the time to cover all the elements of the question thoroughly and
The Worksheet contains two parts. Please complete both parts.

PART I – Autism Spectrum Disorder is characterized as a disorder in
which children display deficits in: a) social interaction, b) verbal
and nonverbal communication, and c) repetitive behaviors or interests
(National Institute of Mental Health, 2007). For this worksheet, visit
the links below and read one individual story a child with autism.
Then answer the following questions:
1)    1) Based on your reading, how can Autism Spectrum Disorders be treated?
2)    2) What factors tend to influence the high prevalence rates in
autism diagnoses amongst children today?

for a story about a child
2. story to
select a story about a child
3. for an overview
4. for prevalence

PART II – Gifted children are those who display extremely high
cognitive and academic achievement skills.  Special Education is often
viewed as services for children who struggle or fall behind.  Gifted
children also receive special education services (e.g. an Individual
Education Plan) much in the same way in which children with cognitive
deficits and learning disabilities do. Please visit the link below and
answer then answer the following questions:

1)     1)  Based on your reading, what means do school districts use
to help identify gifted children?

2)   2) What (if any) special education services do you think are
available to gifted children in your opinion, should gifted children
receive special education services? Why? Why Not?




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                            How can Autism Spectrum Disorder be Treated?  

 Each autism disorder case differs from another and so it treatment should be specific depending on the need. According the article what is Autism? Treatment may involve medicines or behavior coordination. During the early in depth children diagnosis, a close relationship between the professionals and the family is required. Therapists start intervention programs to deliver services to the child’s home. During these sessions, the therapists supervise how the parent relates with the children.  Therapists can also introduce their programs in classrooms, specialized centers or preschools. Different supports and interventions become relevant and it leads to a child developing and acquiring learning and social skills. Adults with autism achieve transitional services that enhance successful employment opportunities as well as being independent (What is Autism?)


Prevention is better than cure. This is so true because when disorders such as autism spectrum affects our children we become depressed since we have to take care of them dearly. A developing research body suggests that a mother minimize the possibility of giving birth to a baby with autism by eating food rich in folic acid or by taking prenatal vitamins containing folic acid.Research is also focusing on immunity to autism (Autismspeaks, 2014).



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