Bipolar disorder Essay

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Details: the paper should discuss an introduction of the disorder, symptoms of the disorder, effects of the disorder on self in others, and possible treatments


Here’s a snippet of the essay.


Bipolar Disorder, also called Manic Depressive disorders may be described as a condition whereby the patient changes between periods of an irritable or cheerful spirits and depression. It is usually a mental illness triggered by chemical imbalances in the brain and is usually managed with regular, ongoing, counseling along with medication. The “mood swings”, as they are generally called, between regular happy moods along with depressions can previous for days, hours or are often very quick. Bipolar disorder affects both women and men. There is not any known cause but the affects usually start relating to the ages of 15-25 along with occurs in folks who suffer from relatives or close relations while using same disorder. (Keter, 2010).

In the United States over two million consumers are diagnosed with the actual psychological problem of bipolar disorder. On the list of major reasons driving the unprecedented rise of individuals suffering from the actual disorder is contributed by the complications that prevent correct and accurate diagnosis on the disease. It is mainly with the delay in the actual diagnostic process that the volume of people suffering from the disorder has greater extraordinarily (Ibid).

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