Bipolar Disorder Essay.

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Details:Throughout this course, you have viewed the Diary of Medical
Mission videos dealing with the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti in
2010. Reflect on this natural disaster by answering the following
questions: Propose one example of a nursing intervention related to
the disaster from each of the following levels: primary prevention,
secondary prevention, and tertiary prevention. Provide innovative
examples that have not been discussed by a previous student. Under
which phase of the disaster do the three proposed interventions fall?
Explain why you chose that phase. With what people or agencies would
you work in facilitating the proposed interventions and why? Link to
the Diary of Medical Mission



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Bipolar disorder, a condition, popularly referred to as manic-depressive disorder is an ailment whose characteristics primarily include the transition between mania and depression. Mania in this instance is the prodigious feeling of an elevated mood or a ‘feel good’ sensation, while depression manifests itself as feeling of self-abhorrence and hopelessness in a Bipolar disorder victim (Torrey, 2002). A person suffering from bipolar disorder during a manic phase will be prone to making imprudent and impulsive decisions as a result of experiencing an immense feeling of excitement and bloated happiness, resulting in the formulation of impractical ideas. The inverse of this occurs when the same patient experiences the depressive phase of the malady. He or she will experience an evanescent feeling of self-loathing and in extreme cases, may contemplate suicide.


In preceding times amongst naïve observers, bipolar disorder was thought to be a linked to madness or at least a minuscule form of it. After years of research and study, this notion was overruled and it was categorized as a manic-depressive condition. It is in recent times that individuals have begun to come out, proclaiming affliction of this ailment. In this treatise, we will take a closer look at a famous celebrity’s struggle with this condition.


Pete Wentz

            Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III, popularly known by his stage name Pete Wentz was born in Wilmette, Illinois an exurbia of Chicago on June 5th, 1979 to father Pete Wentz II, who is an attorney and mother Dale (Lewis), an admissions counselor at the high school. Wentz was the first born in a family of three siblings and had a younger brother called Andrew and sister by then name Hillary. During Wentz’s sixth birthday, his parents had a falling-out and eventually resorted to a separation, an event that left Wentz emotionally scarred even though they made amends and got back together six months after the incidents. Early in his life, while attending freshman year at his high school, Wentz began to skip school habitually and having sought advice from the school counselor, his parents were advised to enroll him into a boot camp in order to have him straightened out. During his time at the boot camp, Wentz began to write songs finding it as a convenient way of venting out his frustrations with his seemingly unpleasant life. Wentz then later began taking piano lessons as his passion for music was gradually nurtured, in which by this time he had adopted a more suitable lifestyle, as opposed to his previous boisterous one.

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