British Imperialism Essay

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Discuss the British Imperialism


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On February 23, 1836, the landing of General Antonio Santa Anna’s guard outside San Antonio almost got them off guard. Fearless, the Texans and Tetanus ready to protect the Alamo together. The safeguards held out for 13 days against Santa Anna’s armed force. William B. Travis, the leader of the Alamo sent forward dispatchs convey requests for assistance to groups in Texas. On the eighth day of the attack, a band of 32 volunteers from Gonzales arrived, carrying the amount of shields to almost two hundred. Legend holds that with the likelihood of extra help blurring, Colonel Travis drew a line on the ground and asked any man eager to stay and battle to venture over — all with the exception of one did. As the safeguards saw it, the Alamo was the way to the resistance of Texas, and they were prepared to give their lives instead of surrender their position to General Santa Anna. Around the Alamo’s army were Jim Bowie, famous blade warrior, and David Crockett, renowned worldwide frontiersman and previous congressman from Tennessee.


David “Davy” Crockett (August 17, 1786 – March 6, 1836) was a nineteenth century American society valiant person, frontiersman, trooper and legislator. He is ordinarily alluded to in well-known society by the designation “King of the Wild Frontier”. He served in the Texas Revolution, spoke to Tennessee in the House of Representatives, and perished at the Battle of the Alamo. Crockett acted like an adult in East Tennessee, where he picked up notoriety for chasing and narrating. In the wake of being made a colonel in the local army of Lawrence County, Tennessee, he was chosen to the Tennessee state council in 1821. In 1825, Crockett was chosen to the US Congress, where he fervently contradicted a considerable lot of the approaches of President Andrew Jackson, most eminently the Indian Removal Act. Crockett’s restriction to Jackson’s approaches accelerated his annihilation in the 1831 races. He won again in 1833, and then barely lost in 1835, provoking his furious takeoff to Texas (then the Mexican state of Tejas) presently from there on. In promptly 1836, Crockett joined in the Texas Revolution and was murdered at the Battle of the Alamo in March


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