Carl Robins Case Study Essay.

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Summarize in one sentence the principal outcome of your analysis. Background – take the central problem and place in a context for the reader in research content. Key problems that you identify. Then alternatives when you formed your opinion about the case. Why are these viable alternatives. Proposed solution with solid evidence. Recommendations if appropriate.

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As a new employee who has just landed your dream job, you get nervous because of the responsibilities that might await you in the new position. During your first day at work, you are informed that you may be attending to an orientation program. This message of course comes with a lot of butterflies in the stomach as you start wondering what to do next. Questions start ringing in your mind; such as, “what is a new hire orientation and what is expected of me?” The aim of every onboarding program is to match the abilities of the new employees to the job requirements to ensure that the investment in the employees ultimately pays off. But what happens if the company representatives lack an adequate communication tools to facilitate the works’ transition program? This is what is happening in the case study used in this paper.  In the selected case study, one can easily identify lack of effective communication at ABC, Inc. the campus recruiter, Carl Robbins, and Monica Carrolls, who is the Operations Supervisor. The case study of ABC directly reveals that lack of effective communication skills can be catastrophic for any organization. Being a first time recruiter with an experience of only six months, Robbins faces every problem. The case study illustrates problems that Robbins faces while trying to hire employees that would work for the operations supervisor. The paper will explore the various available solutions that Robbins would have used to save the situation. The paper will also highlight alternative solutions that would be used in a similar situation, and that Robbins would have used. Robbins may not be viewed as incompetent; however, he is short of experience. Just like any new employee would, Robbins will face challenges. Nevertheless, with some direction, he can easily overcome these challenges.



At first in the wake of checking on the case study, it is evident that ABC, INC. needs organization. The data in the case study uncovers that on various events workers or believe it or not the framework or procedures existing inside the organization are disorderly. This I accept is the base of the issues in this study. Organization has been a deterrent to this organization much sooner than this circumstance; I have arrived at this conclusion in light of the event in where the sloppiness was given. In this study there are occurrences in which things are lost and inadequate, and rooms are twofold busy; which indicates the negative impacts of being disorderly.


New recruiter Carl Robins hired 15 new trainees in April, wanting to begin their training on June 15, and having them ready to begin taking a shot at July 1. On May 15, Monica Carrolls, the Operations Supervisor, reached Carl in regards to the approaching training. Monica secured the issues Carl might need to facilitate for the new hires. Carl, around then, guaranteed Monica that everything might be finished on time. Lingering until in the wake of returning from the Memorial Day occasion, Carl chose to begin finishing the paperwork required for the new hires. In the wake of beginning this undertaking, he found there were still numerous things expecting to be organized and finished. There was fragmented paperwork on the new hires, missing transcripts, and deficient requisitions. Medication screens had yet to be finished, and the training room had been held for the whole month of June by innovation administrations. Training materials needed for the orientation were inadequate, and some pages were missing.



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