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Hands on learning improves student success in school.



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One of the common definitions of hands on learning is learning through doing, it may also be said to be engaging in in-depth investigations with materials, ideas, objects and phenomena and drawing understanding and meaning from those experiences (Korwin and Jones 45). Whatever the definition, hands on learning engages students more effectively by drawing their attention and concentrating on tools and objects, which they are allowed to move around and touch during the process of learning. In summary, hands on learning is an educational method that actively encourages learners to do something in order to understand or learn about it, it an active involvement of the learner (Kolb 10).


Studies have proven that in order to achieve or reach higher levels of understanding, students have to learn practically. Visual and verbal student learners are able to reach high levels of understanding and adapt easily when using learning styles other than their own (Ausubel 25). Furthermore, hands on learning provide an opportunity for students to directly observe and fathom what is happening, this is particularly useful for those who learn best by example. It is often hard to learn and understand something properly if you have never experienced or seen directly. For this reason hands on learning has become very popular lately in education.


Therefore, it is important to incorporate hands on learning approach by educators into their dairy work. Hands on learning in not just a popular topic of interest because it enables and empowers students to be critical thinkers who are able to not only apply what they have learned in class, but more importantly, applying the learning process to different life situations.


Teachers use different methods of teaching, whether it is involving students in class discussions, performing experiments or role-playing. Throughout their education period, students are able to find a learning style that is most comfortable and adaptable. However, learners can have difficulties if they have a teacher who teaches in way that is not comfortable to them (Bain 16). According to research, most students prefer hands on learning to classes lecture. Indeed, hands on learning is critical in determining students’ success. This learning method improves the success of students in school in many ways.

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