Centrum Silver Adults 50+ Essay.

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Scientific research paper 1.Research the approved nutritional supplement: â—¦Basic information of the product (name, ingredients, origin, type of supplement). Include a label of the product, and/or a picture â—¦Recommended use of product and effects as indicated by the label and advertisements. â—¦Information regarding safety of the product. 2.Write a specific question you will research in order to be able to evaluate this supplement. 3.Develop a hypothesis which will provide answers to your questions. 4.Explain the method for your research study. You should include a plan on how you will go about finding information about the active ingredient(s) of the supplement, and scientific evidence for the effect of the active ingredient(s) on our health. 5.Look for Independent research evaluating effects of the product or similar supplements, or the main ingredient (if available). Describe one research experiment in detail (method and result) and provide the reference. You may include personal experiences in addition to results of research studies. 6.Evaluate the information (data) you collected and develop a conclusion regarding health effects of the supplement and a cost-benefit analysis as well as a brief risk assessment. 7.Will you accept or reject your hypothesis based on the evidence you collected? Do we need this supplement? Are the claims of the manufacturer valid? What other research about the product should be done to strengthen your hypothesis? 8.List references in APA format. â—¦The report should have an Introduction (to cover information under 1,2 and 3), Methods (4), Results (5), Discussion and Conclusion (5 and 6) and References (7). Evaluation of Nutritional Supplement 1.The student shall demonstrate the ability to define a problem, after either directly observing or being presented with observations of a scientific phenomenon. 1.The student shall demonstrate the ability to produce and/or compose a logical hypothesis, which offers a solution to a problem, after making pertinent observations or reviewing pertinent literature on a scientific phenomenon. 2.The student shall demonstrate the understanding necessary to develop and/or recognize a logical experimental design, including materials required, methods used and appropriate controls (when applicable) to test a hypothesis that addresses a scientific problem. 3.The student shall demonstrate the ability to produce a reasonable conclusion that explains how a series of data generated from an experiment or scientific observation either supports or refutes a hypothesis being tested by the experiment. Please write in full sentences, research and reference properly and format your work following APA guidelines, including a title page stating your name, course number, term, instructor name and title. The body of your report should have a minimum of 1500 words (for full credit). References are on a separate page, please include a minimum of three references in this assignment (textbook, and two outside academic references) I think, it would be very interesting to look at the scientific support for multivitamins which deliver more than the recommended RDA for micronutrients. Review multivitamin products in the grocery isle or GMC and pick a product then review contents in light of textbook information and scientific studies. Formulate a hypothesis which will address basic questions you may have – do multivitamins improve our health, or in which ways do these multivitamins have positive influence on our lives? Sort out health claims from the company with peer reviewed research.




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Centrum Silver Adults 50+ happens to be an age-adjusted multivitamin if you are over 50. There are BOTH health benefits and uncomfortable side effects of the supplement. Centrum is a common brand of multi-vitamins. The manufacturer boasts of products that meet nutritional needs that are constantly changing with age. They produce multi-vitamins for children together with adults. Centrum silver is considered among the best nutritional supplements since it promotes healthy ageing. There are Different products for adult males and females are available in the market (Palande, 2012).


Centrum Silver Adult 50+ Ingredients


The centrum vitamins ingredients generally include vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that promote the fitness of your heart, bones and eyes. Centrum Silver Adults 50+ consists of calcium, lutein1, lycopene, vitamin products A, B6, B12, Deborah, etc. Women over 50 are specifically prone to osteoporosis (scarcity of estrogen will cause low blood calcium supplement levels and minimal bone density). Calcium and nutritional D from these kinds of vitamin tablets help maintain the fitness of the bones. The subsequent table explains your nutrition facts of one centrum silver multivitamin pill and multi-mineral, citrus berry, chewable product (Ibid).


One chewable Centrum Silver Adults 50+ contains the following: Vitamin A 3,500 IU (29% as Beta-Carotene) – 70%, Vitamin C 120 mg – 100%, Vitamin D 600 IU – 150%, Vitamin E 60 IU – 200%, Vitamin K 60 mcg – 75%, Thiamin 1.5 mg – 100%, Riboflavin 1.7 mg – 100%, Niacin 20 mg – 100%, Vitamin B6 6 mg – 300%, Folic Acid 300 mcg – 75%, Vitamin B12 100 mcg – 1667%, Biotin 30 mcg – 10%, Pantothenic Acid 10 mg – 100%, Calcium 250 mg – 25%, Phosphorus 20 mg – 2%, Iodine 150 mcg – 100%, Magnesium 50 mg – 13%, Zinc 15 mg – 100%, Selenium 100 mcg – 143%, Copper 0.7 mg – 35%, Manganese 4 mg – 200%, Chromium 60 mcg – 50%, Molybdenum 50 mcg – 67%, Chloride 72 mg – 2%, Potassium 80 mg – 2%, Boron 150 mcg -, Nickel 5 mcg , Silicon 2 mg -, Vanadium 10 mcg , Lutein 300 mcg , Lycopene 600 mcg (Palande, 2012).

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