Client Description Essay.

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Details:Write a procedural email to employees reminding them of key components of a company policy on acceptable use of email and text messaging. The policy should address security issues, privacy issues, and company monitoring of messages. Consider policies on appropriate message content, the consequences for using company equipment to send harassing messages, and a policy on the use of company system for sending personal email messages. The message should take the form of an email; however, you will submit your assignment to the online course shell. For the procedural message, you must: Follow proper format. Use a descriptive title or heading  Use bullets as needed to emphasize key points  Include appropriate greeting and salutation Have the following content: 4. Introduce the main idea of the message in a concise, informative manner. 5. Itemize and explain three (3) to five (5) key points with details. 6. Provide information about where and to whom questions should be directed. 7. Use effective language and English usage.



Here’s a snippet of the essay.



Client name and gender

The client is a female named name is Cheryl Brown.


Age (must be 12 years or younger).


She is aged eleven years and four months.



She is English and was born in Chicago


Physical observations

Cheryl is a young energetic and brown girl just as her second name suggests. She has an average height of about 52 INS and her weight is about 77 lbs. she if fond of wearing long pink dresses and a white scarf which makes up her wardrobe. She is a hygienic kid and loves playing around with water related activities such as washing and watering the flower garden. From a distance, she seems thirteen and one can hardly tell her age.


Medical status

Cheryl is a cheerful kid who likes play and follows up instructions provided by the parents and her doctor about hygiene. She has however ever suffered a pelvic bone fracture while still younger.  From the medical records, she recovered from the fracture though she is advised to keep of extreme duties and play. From her records, it clear that Cheryl is free of any chronic disease and the doctor’s records indicate that she has had some vaccinations including Inactivated Polio Vaccine (IPV) Series, Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) Vaccine Series, Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis (Tdap) Vaccine and Varicella Vaccine Series. She is able to keep fit due to the activities that they engage in such as walking to school.


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