Communication Roles in Leadership Essay.

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Communication Roles in Leadership
What do you consider your major communication strengthsWhat do you consider your major communication weaknesses
? What leadership communication roles do you currently play in your organization?
What communication leadership roles would you like to play in the future (at your organization or
  In your career overall? What are your short-term and long-term leadership communication improvement goals?



Here’s a snippet of the essay.


The goal of this paper is perform a self-assessment test in regards to areas of  roles communication in leadership. The main focus is based on the area of ethos/image. Ethos refers to how an individual represent himself in the course of an argument either professionally or un professionally. The other capability area is use of social media and other written communication; it entails proper use of communication and its channels. The other largely discussed area is oral communication; the act of being able to articulate points in the right way through the word of mind. The other issue is visual communication; this refers to how properly one uses graphics and pictures to deliver the intended message. The other area is the capability to deal with self-feelings; it test the capability of a person in understanding own self and personality.


Cultural communication competence is also largely discussed; it refers to how well once understand the diversity and appreciate it.The other area discussed is the area of Group and team communication and dynamics; the ability of a leader to form successful team groups that accept ,respect and aspects the opinion of each other. The other area is organization communication; it refers to control and coordination of the activities of the organizations to ensure are in line with the personal and organization goals and objectives. The area of internal communication; it monitors the effectiveness of communication within the organizations; monitors the external structure of an organization to determine effective communication.

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