Commutation Disorder Essay.

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Please read the scenario below and respond to the following questions:

Scenario: Jane is a first grade student who appears to be experiencing
both expressive and receptive language difficulties. More
specifically, Jane experiences problems with expressing herself and
actually understanding what others say to her. Due to Jane’s
expressive and receptive language difficulties, her teacher has
contacted her parents and the school speech pathologist because Jane’s
grades in school have begun to suffer. Jane’s teacher would like Jane
to be evaluated by the school speech and language pathologist as well
as, the school psychologist in order to determine if Jane possesses a
learning disability.

1) Should Jane’s teacher be recommending her for an evaluation related
to learning disability? Why? Why Not?

2) What interventions in the classroom could Jane’s teacher implement
in order to help Jane with her expressive and receptive language



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Commutation disorder is defined as the incapacity to exchange information with other people. This includes hearing, speech-spoken word, writing and reading difficulties. A child suffering from commutation disorder has the following symptoms; repeating phrases or word after the age of four, aggravation with the attempt to converse, head jerking while speaking, blinking the eye while speaking and discomfiture with speech.  At some point the child talks leaving consonants at the end of words and the problem becomes persistent with pronunciation at the age of seven. The child leaves certain words where they should occur and there is buckle of sounds (Keister & Finley, 2014). Commutation disorder is caused by autism, hearing impairment, learning disabilities, cerebral palsy, vocal cord injury, head trauma, stroke, neurological disorders and diseases and Tourette syndrome.


From the given scenario Jane’s teacher should recommend her to an evaluation related to learning disability.   The move is very important because Jane will be handled with a lot of care since she will receive help from outside the classroom.  The recommendation is also good because we do not expect the class teacher to provide Jane with certain treatment. She will gain more confidence since the pathologist will give her the e relevant counseling and she will not see herself as an outcast lowering her self esteem.   The people who provide services to children with commutation disorders include pathologists, parents, audiologists, speech pathologists, special education teachers, guidance counselors and nurses.  The services can be made available either in small group sessions or to individuals. When Jane is receiving special sessions she is taught how to properly produce voice sounds. She will learn how to attain a more flowing communication vocational, social and educational setting.

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