Components and the Organization of a Portfolio


The documents in your portfolio serve as proof of your past performance and demonstrate what you have to offer to a potential employer. Take the next step in the career development process by gathering evidence of your skills, training, achievements, and references and compiling them into an employment portfolio. Please respond to one of the following prompts: In what ways is the portfolio important in the 21st century job market? How will your portfolio help you to manage your career and control your future? What will you include in your portfolio and how will you organize it
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Components and the Organization of a Portfolio

The documents in one portfolio may serve as proof of one’s previous performance and a sign of one qualification. A well developed portfolio may exhibit skills, achievements training and academic qualifications. The components of a portfolio may include; a cover letter, a resume, a chronological record, life history paper, an educational background, a learning narrative, personal goals, skills, and validation in that order.

The cover letter should clearly indicate the credit being applied for. The resume should ascertain the claims set in the portfolio; this should not be more than two pages. The chronological record should describe significant educational advancements obtained both formally and informally. One should focus on the educational milestones achieved since graduation from high school. The following may also be included in a portfolio depending on where it would be presented; a life history paper may entail the learning experiences in one’s life should be written, this should be single spaced. An education background should be included; it should be four to six pages long. It should identify the knowledge, skills and values. The education background may differ from a biography in the sense that the items in it derive from current and the future educational plans.

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The learning narrative may be another component of a good resume. It should be six to fifteen pages depending on the individuals. It should analyze and integrate formal education, informal education, employments, volunteer works and any other experiences in life. Challenges may also be included. Here, skills, critical values, and knowledge accruing from informal experiences may be identified and synthesized. It should demonstrate the level to which the skills and values outlined may be inculcated in one’s personality.

The personal goals should give the portfolio a direction. Relevant goals entail professional development, further education and career development. Finally, the validation bit should authenticate personal values, skills and knowledge. It entails external sources like supervisors, professors, documented research, and instructors.



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