Contemporary Private Security Issues

Paper instructions: Using current news articles originating from newspapers, magazines, or the
Internet, and at least one scholarly source (trade journal, industry paper, etc.), write a paper that identifies two contemporary issues concerning either security as a profession or a specific organizational problem.
This document must clearly define the issues identified in the selected news articles and how those issues relate to and/or impact security operations. Most importantly, the document must provide proposals of solutions to the issues and the measures required for successful implementation….BIDS WITHOUT SAMPLE WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.
Contemporary issues concerning security as a profession
Security professionals play an important role in protecting an organization’s welfare, whether they are watching out over information, equipment or building. The role of security personnel has become more critical today with constant threats of likely armed robbery ambush, terrorists attacks and even exposure to hazardous substances during emergencies for those working in industries dealing with chemicals. Yet these workers often work irregular, long hours, sometimes alone without their co-workers, in dark, quiet buildings. The equipment, information or technologies being protected by private security officers are often essential to the success of the organization. However, the significance of security officers is hardly reflected in their pay and the training they receive prior to commencing their job.
Many private security guards receive low pay with minimum or no benefits at all. The work of security guards is to remain alert at all times to guard against and prevent theft, vandalism, fire breakouts and other emergency situations. These responsibilities are critical to the well being of any organization and therefore underpayment of these workers may put the welfare of an organization at great risk. When security guards are given low wages, they have very little money to provide for the needs of their families. Consequently, they may opt for other options of getting money especially from the organization in which they are working for. These options may include stealing and even collaborating with other people to rob the organization. Such decisions by security personnel may jeopardize the safety of equipment or the information they are guarding and in the long run cause controversial loss of property. In order to solve the issue of underpayment, security officers must rise up and defend their rights to adequate salary and working conditions. Peaceful demonstrations may be used by security personnel to help them raise awareness of their demands for a pay rise.

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