Coursework Help on Art Appreciation

Have you selected two art historical time periods from the list in the task directions to discuss?
 Have you researched how one period revived or continued the style and characteristics of the
other period or how one period originated in reaction to the other period?
 Have you described both art historical time periods, characteristics of their styles, and social
conditions that may have contributed to the advent of these styles in your essay?
 Have you explained similarities or differences between the art historical periods?
 Have you explained the purpose for continuing the tradition of the earlier art historical period or
deviating from it?
 Have you referenced at least one specific work of art from each period in your discussion?
 Have you explained how the later work relates to the earlier work?
 Have you discussed what influence the later art historical period had on the art world (i.e., its
historical significance)?
 Have you provided complete and correct APA-formatted citations for your cited references,
both in the text and on a \”References\” page?
 Have you checked your responses for errors before you submit them?

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