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Prepare a two page cover letter to a probation or parole agency explaining why, based on your qualifications, education, experiences and/or personal qualities; you believe you would make an excellent probation or Parole Officer.



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Neil Armstrong

The Director

The Atlanta Parole and Probation Office

134 Main Street

Atlanta, Georgia, 30346

Dear Sir:


Reference to the advertisement in The Daily Post on 4th November 2012, I hereby apply for the above named position in your organization and take this opportunity to submit my credentials. I am female, 32 years of age and an American citizen. I am equipped with robust experience in the area of probation and juvenile justice. I have attained a master’s degree in criminal justice, an experience of four years when handling juvenile delinquents and a deep passion for guiding others with an aim of lowering repeat criminal activity. With these attributes, I believe I meet your requirements adeptly.

I have a thorough knowledge pertaining principles of juvenile and adult probation, exceptional understanding of federal and state laws and procedures, and proficiency in juvenile court procedures in probation matters. In addition, I am versed with excellent communication skills coupled with counseling abilities ideal for interaction with offenders. My observation skills are vital in tracking down fraudulent and suspicious character.

My education background is deep. I attended The Ohio State University where I studied a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. Due to my performance, I was granted a chance to pursue a Master’s degree from the same university. I have a higher diploma in office administration. The combination of these skills will be crucial in executing the challenges posed in this job. I am also aspiring to advance to the PhD level in the area of juvenile crime and administrative law.

My professional experiences ranges from administration to field work. I am in a position to testify in courts well-documented facts pertaining the probationers’ demeanor together with supervision and investigation functions. My skills also allow me establish when situations call for modifications of a court order and instigate appropriate action to secure a verdict in a court for such a modification. I am ardent at maintaining an up-to-date record of cases in a neat manner. I am versed with the necessary plans for preparing and submitting monthly statistical and routine reports pertaining individual caseloads. I would be in a position to conduct counseling interviews with respective cases with regard to standard counseling techniques to establish and clarify the probationer problems; suggest appropriate course of action in consultation with supervisors.

My qualifications stem from experience I have gathered over a period of 4 years in a similar position. Within the four years, I was involved in programs that equipped me with skills in the investigation of personal history of offenders; reporting the findings to courts; recommending dispositions appropriately; establishing the effectiveness of probation programs; recommending the offenders to social rehabilitation centers; enforcing various court orders, and when necessary, modifying court orders. My profound sense of criminal psychology may not only help to construe the circumstances surrounding offenses, but also aids in eliminating the cause of the vice. I am a self-motivated person, self-examining and holding a deep sense of ethics. I look forward to new challenges, and I always avail myself for new learning opportunities. Thus, you can be assured of excellent delivery in the position and honesty in executing my responsibilities.

Attached, please find copies of my certificates, resume, and work experiences.

I would value the attention given to my application.

With warn regards,

Elias Alex

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