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            Art has shown to be valuable by educating the public and aspiring scholars through new, innovative knowledge. At the same time, art has created controversial commentary that causes debatable decisions on what may be considered art. The art industry has become misguided from distractions between traditional criticism, taking a risk as an artist, and public backing.


  1. Defining Art

The distinctive nature of art has been deeply contested amongst philosophers and artists. Many people have come up with definitions, but none seems to be entirely worthy the description. It highlights just a few famous examples: Wordsworth described at as an emotion; Plato described art as an imitation and for Curt Ducasse and Tolstoy, and it is the expression of emotions. However, none of these descriptions seems perfect (Davies 04). For instance, tears may appear as an expression of emotion, but that does not mean that tears are art. Concisely, art may be defined as the application or the expression of human skills and imaginations, in visual forms such as paintings or sculptures. Art refers to any piece of work produces by skill and imagination.


The Social Context of Art

            Viewed from the social perspective, art articulates perfectly in the social life; it reflects the social life. An artist has the chance to approach his work as a metaphor for all that life offers. This gives the artists the opportunity to be the ultimate creator in practice. This way, the work of the art may be seen as the crux of human social life as essential and revealing as other practices performed by humans. Art may be a source of understanding, view, and logic for all that creation pertains.  Art has the capacity of being an exclusively individual exercise. Some of the modern arguments against art deem solitary work of an individual artist as outdated. These arguments are grounded in the notion that works and installations cannot be made by a solo artist. Other arguments depict artistic work as an archaic practice designed for the world of a distant past. Neither humanity does comprise the solitary creature it once was, nor are people accountable for the creation by hand of all the aspects the modern life requires. Art is no longer construed as the social vehicle it once was.

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