Divorce Essay.

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Over the years, respected authorities have changed their minds several times concerning divorce and children. Based on your readings, indicate whether it is still good advice for “an unhappy couple to stay together for the sake of the children.” Use specific references to course material to support your answer.


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Over the years, authorities may have changed their decisions concerning divorce and children. Millions of children in the US have experienced family dissolution through divorce. The process of divorce elicits the worst characteristics of individuals and parenting skills seldom improve. The divorce process comes with inevitable mistakes that may affect the future relationships between folks and their children. Often, parents lie and obfuscate in an attempt to reassure their children. Sometimes parents may buy love, demean each other, and spend a lot in an attempt to look good in their children’s eyes. Sometimes divorced parents inadvertently try to spend more time with their children, this often curtails the opportunities to build meaningful relationships.  In other occasions, parents their children’s life behind in an attempt to build their own. In one way or the other, divorces cause multiple losses to children.


Loss of the nuclear family may not be the only loss that children experience, but children may also suffer abandonment, and the bereavement that comes with the feeling of not being worthy enough to cause reconciliation between the parents. Bryan Strong identifies several reasons why children may influence parental decisions in the event of a divorce. Strong et al identify several effects of divorce of the children’s lives and their perception of marriage. Parents’ divorce may be deemed a significant factor that shapes the children’s attitude towards divorce. Arguably, children of divorced parents, mostly daughters are more prone to pro-divorce tendencies than children from nuclear families (Bryan et al 461). There seems to be a special period in the children’s lives when parental choices about divorce have a profound influence on their children; this is during the late teenage years when they may be dating and forming relationships. However, parental divorce seems to affect daughters and sons differently. Daughters of divorced parents are more likely to exhibit pro-divorce tendencies than sons of divorce. Furthermore, persistent post divorce conflicts between parents may cause a negative attitude towards divorce among the sons. On the contrary, daughters may not be affected post-divorce conflicts.

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