Does Media Cause Violence?- Essay.

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Details:It has to have opposing point views and it has to have a little bit of my opinion. You can choose whether to agree or disagree.


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Over the last 10-15 years, speculations of the effects of media on people’s lives have grown exponentially with increased technological innovations. In the 90’s, a large portion of the population could not access cable. News papers and magazines were the major forms of media as the internet was deemed as a luxury. As time passed, trends changed. The economic boom and technological savvy have resulted to better life standards. More than ever before, children and teenagers have been exposed to media. Media has been recognized as leading moderator of human behavior. In the words of Malcolm X, media is one of the most powerful entities; it has power to make the guilty innocent, and the innocent guilty because it controls the minds of people. In this regard, media has been blamed for violent tendencies among young people. However, opponents argue that there might not be a direct correlation between what is seen in the media and the actual violence. The main question remains to be whether exposure to media my cause real violence, does media cause violence?

Proponents’ View

Proponents of this view posit that proliferation of violence in the media, be it the movies, television, or video games tends to exacerbate aggressive tendencies in viewers especially teenagers. This is the dilemma that the media seems to have tossed the society into. Media violence may aversely affect teenagers by making them more aggressive and violent. In 1961, a classic study by psychologists Bandura et al were able to establish that televised violence would affect a normal child. In the study, two groups of children; one that had been recently watched violent movies and the other one that had not seen the movies were put to a test. The two groups were presented with episodes of mild frustration. In response, the group subjects that had seen violent movies would react aggressively contrary to the controls. In other studies, it has been established that violent music lyrics may increase hostile feelings and aggressive thoughts among college students. These studies seem to support the argument that violent media may intrigue violent tendencies among teenagers (Bandura et al. 578).

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