E-mailing (Direct Marketing Essay.

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Details:I need 2 paragraphs talking about my target market which is clinical research Companies. The rest I have to identify what has not yet been studied in the direct marketing (E-mailing) and then state what you would like to investigate. You can find info on a journal called Direct and Interactive Marketing.



Here’s a snippet of the essay.



After the development of a new drug by pharmaceutical company and completion of toxicology tests on animals, the drug has to be tested on humans. Clinical research companies are institutions designing and specialized in carrying out clinical trials (Bert, 1991). They provide an objective evaluation and assessment of newly developed drug. Clinical research companies determine the effectiveness and safety of medication, treatment regimens and diagnostic products developed for human use. Additionally, these companies convert research and investigations conducted in the lab into information and new treatment that are beneficial to patients. Apart from carrying out clinical trials, clinical research companies conduct studies in physiology, epidemiology, health services, pathophysiology, mental health and outcomes (Bert, 1991). All these roles characterize the functions of these companies.


Clinical research involving the development of a new drug involves a number of phases. First, pre-clinical studies are conducted extensively, these involve cell culture and animal experiments using a wide range of drug doses in order to obtain information on toxicity, efficacy and pharmacokinetic. This is then followed by testing the drug on human subjects, usually; groups of 20-100 volunteers who are healthy are recruited. Assessing the drug safety and tolerability is the main purpose of this phase (Bert, 1991). Trials are then performed on bigger groups of 100-300 people in order to understand how well the drug works. Phase three is designed to evaluate how effective the new intervention is; hence, it’s worth or value in clinical practice. A large group of patient consisting of 300-3000 individuals is used in this stage; the number however, may vary depending on the medical condition or disease being studied. Phase three is the most expensive, difficult and time-consuming trials to run and design, also known as the pre-marketing stage, it assesses the response of the consumer to the drug (Bert, 1991). The completion of the above stage allows the drug to be sold to the public.


Human clinical trials provide a critical function in the development and improvement of new treatments and prescription drugs. Historically, recruiting patient and volunteers for clinical trials relied on radio, print media and in some cases, television advertising (Roberts & Paul, 1999). These methods are not only expensive in terms of patient recruitment costs but limit patient recruitment due to inability to reach target consumer in time and meeting deadline for enrollment of patient. Even though these traditional methods of marketing are still important, they need to be supplemented by email direct marketing in order to minimize the rising costs of patient recruitment.


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