Education Attainment within Hispanic/Latino ethnicity Essay

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Details: V. Alternative Solutions/Policies (8 pages) a. List of Alternatives b. Comparison of Alternatives c. Constraints VI. Recommendations (5 pages) a. Description b. Rationale (must make sense within theoretical framework stated in Section III) c. Implementation d. Evaluation VII. References VIII. Appendices (charts/data)


Here’s a snippet of the essay.


V. Policy Alternatives


The previous literature has shown a severe gap in education attainment between Hispanics and other racial tribes in the US. Numerous scholars, educators, and policy makers have proposed varied strategies for addressing racial achievement gaps. This section addresses three of the alternative policies that can be used to mitigate the deplorable state of education attainment among the Hispanic students. Rather than just explaining the policies, the section continues to compare the alternatives, and highlighting the possible constrains attached to each policy.

a.      List of Alternatives

The alternative policies addressed here include;

  • Race-conscious policies.
    • Ability tracking
    • School-community Partnerships
  • Income conscious policies
    • Financial assistance

Ability tracking and School-Community Partnerships have been labeled as race-conscious policies while financial assistance has been tagged as one of the income-conscious policies.

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