Effectiveness of an Advertisement Essay

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Effectiveness of Promotion/advertising program: was it able to capture AIDA (attention, interest, Desire, action)

Recommendation: can it expand, what changes can be made, what other position strategies could be incorporated, etc . This is base on the two commercials below:

Xbox commercial
WII commercial



Here’s a snippet of the essay.



The effectiveness of an advertisement or a promotion program depends on quit a number of factors. Different marketing experts adopt a wide range of approaches towards achieving the desired outcome of an advertisement. Lamb, 2008 explains outlines that the crucial goal of every promotion is to get clients buying whichever the product or service (p. 407). He further suggests that there must be a systematic order in which a prospective consumer is carried through the promotional message.

The AIDA concept

            Though several approaches exist, the most common and effective formulas are the acronym AIDA. This acronym stands for Attention; Interest; Desire; and Action. The AIDA concept was first introduced by a scholar named Elias Lewis in 1898 (Janoschka, 2004, p. 06). This concept best describes the ultimate goal of every advertisement; that the client gets to buy a product. This model posits the buying process as a cognitive, feeling and a conative sequence of things. In this regard, the model illustrates that the marketer must develop a thought in the mind of a consumer, develop a need, and finally an action through purchasing the product. The four steps of the AIDA process clearly explain the promotional approach.

The first step is attention, this posits that an advertisement must gather the attention of the consumer; create an awareness that the product exists. Simple awareness of the product may not suffice to change the mind of a consumer; therefore Interest comes as the second stage; here, the marketer demonstrates how unique the brand is. After awareness and interest have been achieved, desire must be created in the product, this should be done through outlining the most outstanding features of a product. It may also be achieved through the problem-solution technique; the consumer should feel that they definitely need the product. The final step is action, now that the consumers’ interest has been achieved, interest built, and desired fuelled, action is inherent. This may be achieved through either a web link, a telephone number or through a location to the premises. The advertiser must also be able to communicate to the clients by use of words to assure that they were not wrong to in select the product at stake (Bendixen, 1993, p. 20).

Case Study

            The concept of effectiveness of a promotional program may be well explained by examining the following two advertisements. Both advertisements have similar objectives, more so, they are advertising the same product; the Xbox 360 wireless speed wheel.

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