Establishing a Business Online Essay.

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Details:Write a 4-5 page paper on the following: Imagine that someone has offered you $1,000 to buy your domain name shortly after your started your business online. Explain why or why you would not sell and cite the ethical dilemmas involved. The e-Commerce software you will be using must provide a catalog display, shopping cart capabilities, and transaction processing. The convenience and usability for the customer are benefits of these functions. State how each of these functions could be beneficial to your business. Your business will have created a presence in the physical world by having a store along the boardwalk. Assess how you will create an effective presence on the Web, meeting the objectives listed in Chapter 3. Be sure to include how you would improve Web presence by increasing Website usability. Develop a Web marketing strategy for your company including the following: identify the market segments you will target, how you will reach that segment, and explain how you will advertise on the Web.

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When starting a business online, there are several critical factors to consider. First, it is important to establish a web presence. To create a web presence, one has to think of an attractive domain name.  Domain name refers to an identification string that describes an area of administration autonomy, control, or authority on the internet. The domain name is a unique identification that distinguishes the business from others on the internet. Setting up a domain name involves identifying the most brand-specific key-word combination that will not only bring about brand awareness, but also aid in directing traffic to the website. The other important element is registering the domain name with the best service provider, normally referred to as the web host. After securing a good domain name, the entrepreneur has to create a website; this can be created by a personal developer, or using an independent developer. The other effort is marketing; this ensures that the business has been positioned to the right customers. After following the legal procedures, the new business generates popularity depending on the attractiveness of the domain name, the relevance of web-content, and the visibility of the website.

Would I Sell an Established Domain Name? No


Selling a domain name after establishing a business name is ill-advised. The domain name for a specific website best describes the brand, and is used by clients to identify a certain site, meaning it matters in creating brand loyalty. The age of domain matters: older domains enjoy advantages of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as compared to new domains. Old domains normally have better Google Page rank, Alexa rank, and realize higher social media networking shares and likes. The other reason why I would prefer my old domain is the fact that old domains have established back links. It would be hard to establish back links when creating the new domain. The other reason why I would not sell my old domain would be the risk of losing the existing traffic.

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