Ethical Hacking Discussions

  1. Explain rootkits and how they can be used to attack your systems.
  2. List and explain the different types of penetration testing and include the pros and cons of each.
  3. Compare and contrast the similarities and differences between a trojan, virus and a worm. In what situation do you think each one might be used for a malicious purpose?
  4. Research a historic and famous virus or worm and describe why you think it was so successful. Do you think that it would still be successful today? Why or Why not? What could make it successful on today’s modern operating systems, if you chose why not?
  5. Discuss and explain how to hack the most common Web browser. Also include methods for securing Web browsers. Include at least two different Web browsers in your discussion.
  6. What forms of authentication can be implemented for a web application?  Describe three authentication techniques and the level of security provided by each.
  7. In your own words explain what database hacking is and why databases are targeted by hackers
  8. What are some recent attacks on organizations that resulted in a Database breach? Please examine some of the recent financial breaches and provide commentary on how this could have occurred?
  9. Research why many people think that Mac OSX is the most secure operating system. Post a link to the article.  In your own opinion, explain why you agree or disagree with this theory
  10. Research and describe in detail two vulnerabilities to Mac OS systems. When were the vulnerabilities discovered and when was a patch made available?

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