Ethics in Toyota Motor Corporation’s 2010 Recall Essay

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Details:Course -MBA Business Ethics..Case study Analysis of a company
with previous major financial or environmental that may or may not
have resulted in deaths.for Ex..Toyota Recall of could
be any company-.

Here’s a snippet of the essay.


The current paper presents the ethical dimension of Multinational Corporations. The research paper takes the form of a case study whereby the Toyota Motor Corporation has been chosen. Headquartered in Japan, Toyota is the word’s leader in motor vehicle, having overtaken General Motors in 2008. Between 2009 and 2010, the motor corporation manufactured vehicles with faulty braking systems, the poor braking mechanisms caused persistent crashes; to an extent of attracting a global concern. The mechanical problem led to the recall of over 5.3 million vehicles in 2010. However, despite the magnitude of the matter, the company CEO was reluctant to accept responsibility, and his public relations communications were speculated to reveal lack of ethical concerns. The big questions are: did the CEO Akio Toyoda act ethically in his public communications?  Second, is it ethically justified for the CEO to deny blame for faults committed by the company? Another question would be, was it ethical for the CEO to be tutored by the PR team before communicating to the public? In this regard, the paper argues for the lack of ethics citing the Corporate Social Responsibility, The Stakeholder Model, Aristotle Virtue ethics, and the Deontological ethical perspective. The conclusion is that the company ought to emphasize more on quality rather than cost reduction, restore its CSR reputation, resolve the brake mechanical problem, and exercise strong public relations communications through media.


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