Evolution of Human Resources Management Practices Essay.

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Details:Using critical thinking and personal work experiences, write about any topic in Human Resources Management. Must have at least 4 sources…



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The success of an organization today relies on the properly trained staff the organization has; all companies are dedicated to improving productivity times and increase customer satisfaction, and thus they must keep changing their human resource approaches. In today’s fast paced business environment, the role of human resources plays an integral role in keeping the needs of the company first by recruiting, selecting and training the best candidates for employment. This paper describes how these tasks have continually evolved to adjust to the new business needs.


The human resources manager must have a clear understanding of the exact needs of the company to ensure the proper candidates are recruited from outside the company and from within.  An example of proper planning is an expansion of the business.  When a business expands the number of employees expands with it. The human resources manager is the captain that sets the course of the ship, which is the business.


The human resources manager is always in transformation, combining culture and process to enhance the company’s need to change.  When the environment is rocky, such as today’s housing crisis, human resources managers are dealing with an abundance of workers and limited financial resources.  In such times, the human resources manager can achieve success with the current employees by cross training and expanding his or her knowledge to make the company stay strong in such a prevailing environment.  Through the proper coaching, the development path can be endless.


Agents of Transformation


Human resource management is a crucial agent of transformation in every business. The role of human resource management must change to assist the company in transforming itself to better fit the business environment. 30 years ago; companies did not have an IT department or computers for that fact.  The term IT was nonexistent.  Today, Information technology has become a central tenet in the success of any business. Where would any company be today without the proper staffing of such a division?  Back in the last century for sure.  Another change would be in the racial and gender composition of the top management. Years ago women and minorities were not recruited for upper management positions.  History has shown us that this is no longer the case.  Where would any company be today without women and minorities?  As recent as 15 years ago employers did not perform pre-employment drug testing, in today’s business world, drug testing is expected and for good reason.


According to gold (2003) “human resource management today is broken down into eight basic functions; planning, staffing, developing, motivating, maintaining, managing relationships, managing change and evaluating.”  These functions outline the role of today’s human resource manager and the challenges he or she face daily.  Today’s human resources managers also deal with employee benefits and union negotiations, making today’s human resources manager a master of negotiation and communication and is the face of the company he or she is representing.

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