Existence of God Essay.

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Details:Select a topic from EITHER (i) social justice, OR (ii) God’s existence, OR (iii) death and meaning in life. Which thinker or philosophical school of thought produces the best arguments and conclusions, and why is their perspective the best we have examined in this area? Argue for your viewpoint with reference to two competing accounts and using additional secondary literature which includes at least two non-Internet sources.



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All around the ages, the point of religion has dependably been talked about and contended over. Some individuals will dependably contend that God does exist, whilst others will contend that He doesn’t. This paper presents various constructs that try to explain the existence of God. As it will be seen in the paper, some theorists argue for the presence of God while other argues against that fact. Some of the personalities mentioned in this paper include Rene Descartes, Aquinas, and William Lane Craig. There seems to be a disparity between believers, atheists, and scientists. However, the three divides have a common place that there must have been a supernatural force behind the origin of the universe.

Descartes’ Meditation is a proof which endeavors to give prove for the presence of God. Descartes gives this confirmation through thinking, beginning by depicting how he arrives at this finish of the presence of God. He does this by cutting off himself rationally from the outside planet, overlooking sight, listening to, and his different faculties and looking profoundly in himself (Cahn 496). This permits him to make a thoughtful take a gander at God’s presence without the impacts of an alternate individual. From this state, he composes his considerations and from his aggregate contemplations and thinking, he finds that God does exist because of his limited presence, a negligible substance that is “not sufficient to demonstrate my [Descartes] having the thought of an endless substance, since I am limited, unless this thought continued from some substance which truly was boundless” (Cahn 500) and the comprehension that God is a substance that “is unending, free, incomparably canny and inimitably compelling” (Cahn 500). This fundamentally implies that since he ought not to have the ability to can think the way he manages without either being an unending being or having an endless being put the musings into his head. This illustration seems, by all accounts, to be to a great degree sensible, however once it is broke down some defects in thinking are grabbed from the perusing. I concur with the majority of Descartes thinking on the presence of God, which I will clear up further, in addition to a demonstration of the grandest blemish in Descartes’ contention.

Descartes gives consistent philosophical confirmation for the presence of God. The logically ordered examination from the precise start of a finished off state of psyche permits the viewer to be convinced by his contention. A standout amongst the most imperative bits of confirmation he gives is the ‘chain of makers’ rationale. He poses the question, “From what source, then, do I determine my presence? Why, from myself, or my folks” (Cahn 501). He is stating that God needs to exist since he hailed from his folks, whom are likewise limited creatures that additionally originated from an alternate set of folks et cetera, heading over to a limitless being that conceived the chain of inventors that brought about him. This is consistent thinking, since all things do have a root, which might imply that God, the “vast” being, is the inception of presence, since he made everything from the starting and has no originator seeing as he is an unbounded being.

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