Fashion Marketing and Branding for Chanel Brand Essay.

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Fashion marketing and branding analysis for chanel brand (use how its nowadays in the uk) (include brand audit, retail brand introduction,market research(name and logo, competitor analysis, primary and secondary market research, SWOT AND PEST analysis), marketing communication plan, visual merchandising plan.



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Chanel is a privately owned fashion industry founded in 1910. The industry was founded by Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel. The headquarters are in Paris. Its key workers are German fashion designers, artists, and photographers based in Paris. The industry may be recognized as the world leader in fashion enterprise, having produced some of the world’s most creative designers like Chanel Karl. The major products sold by the brand include fashion, accessories, and fragrances. Recently the brand has undergone serious changes in an effort to gain competitive advantages (Fulford, 2012, 05). The main marketing strategies are based on the “4 Ps of Marketing,” the product, price, promotion, and placement.  The brand’s market communication plan embraces the TV, print media, and the internet (Kotler, 2009, 56). Online marketing and Shopping has been a key figure in their marketing strategy. The brand enjoys several strengths as well as weaknesses. One of its major strengths is the strong brand loyalty and equity, whereas its major weakness is the limited market share due to the high competition from premium brands. Nevertheless, the brand enjoys a great opportunity due to innovation and online sales. The threats facing this brand include the global recession, counterfeiting, and competition. The major competition comes from Gucci, Versace, among other premium brands.  However, the industry faces several challenges in marketing in the wake of recession and attainment of global competitiveness stability (Clamp & Bohdanowicz, 1994, 54).


Brand audit


The brand has been associated with high brand loyalty and brand equity. Customers have always associated the brand with high quality and novelty. The founder of the brand is also iconic, and this has propelled the company to achieving high customer resilience. However, the iconic label of the brand may be fading in the advent of premium brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, and Versace.

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