Financial Analysis of CVS Caremark Corporation Essay.

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Details: complete instruction needed to conduct the research and write the paper. Note that CVS Pharmacy and Walgreens are the two companies I’ve selected.


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Company Overview and Business Strategy


CVS Caremark Corporation (CVS Caremark) is a leading health care provider in the US. This pharmacy provides healthcare services for its consumers through a wide range of outlets. The symbol CVS resulted from a merger between the CVS pharmacy and Caremark in 2007. Some of the ways through which the company keeps its name out there include mail orders,, retail locations, the clinic subsidiary, and the CVS Pharmacy Services. The company’s greatest competitor is Walgreen since they operate in the similar business lines. CVS is a large company with almost 7000 pharmaceutical stores in more than 25 states. Its headquarters are in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, with over 200,000 employees. The company’s products are sold through CVS retail stores and their online stores. Other services provided include plan design and administration, mail order pharmacy, and specialty pharmacy.


CVS Caremark operates two basic business segments: these include retail pharmacy segment, and the pharmacy services segment. The retail pharmacy segment operates in over 7400 retail locations around the US. Health care in the US has experienced a rapid change in the advent of the Affrodable Care Act, changes in the consumer and patient behavior, and the increased prevalence of chronic diseases. Despite the legislation on healthcare reforms, healthcare costs are forcasted to continue rising.  The services segment provides Pharmacy Benefits Management (PBM) services to an array of companies. The PBM serves to reduce drug prices and boost the efficiency of distribution. The other important aspect in CVS’s business strategy is the Minute Clinic whereby patients can walk in with no appointments and access medical care. These are spread in over 570 locations. The clinics are staffed with nurses and physicians; they offer relatively low charges for the many simple ailments such as allergies, colds, sprains, rashes, and infections. The clinics also offer preventative measures in form of health screenings and vaccinations (Aluise, 2011).


The company’s unmatched business strategy has enabled them to thrive in the healthcare industry. In this regard, CVS Caremark has positioned itself to thrive amidst changes in the business environment. Their excellent business strategy will enable them to continue growing.  Their PBM is a leader in specialty pharmacy and clinical programs; it has a strong position in the growing Managed Medicaid Markets and Medicare Part D. their retail presence in over 7400 stores facilitates direct engagement with over 5 million clients daily. Additionally,  MinuteClinic® continues to penetrate new markets, increase affiliations with top health care systems, and expand services. Their business model has enabled them to offer services neither of their competitors can replicate. For instance, they have innovative solutions such as Pharmacy Advisor® that addresses gaps in care and non-adherence; something that no other company does, thus achieving to remain on the competitive edge (Merlo, 2013).


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