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Fort Ross was the Southernmost Russian Settlement on the Northern American continent in the 19th century, indeed, it was, and still continues to be, a sign of Russian domination of the Western coast of North America that contributed greatly to the history of Russian exploration of the Pacific coast of Oregon as well as the Alaska Wilderness and northern California. A lot may have been written about the alleged closure of Fort Ross to the public, and about the cultural, historic, and spiritual; significance of the port. The fort was labeled as one of the five historical monuments in 1928, and became a National Historic Landmark and a state park in 1962. Since when it was taken by a Russian-American company in an effort to expand their trade, the port has not changed significantly in the recent times.


History of the Fort


Fort is a park resting on 3386 acres of land marking the Southernmost North American Russian settlement. It was initially founded by a Russian-American company in 1812. Currently, the port encompasses a restored Rotchev House among 5 other reconstructed buildings that include the Southeast and the Northwest Blockhouses, a chapel, a Kuskov House, and Offices. The original fort has a stockade enclosure made of Redwood with spikes on top1.


The park property entails the Call Ranch House, scraps of a Russian Orchard and Cemetery, a picnic and parking facility for visitors, and a guest center with contemplative displays.


  1. Sturtevant, William C. 1978. Handbook of North American Indians. Washington: Smithsonian Institution.

All the necessary archeological excavations have been conducted to ensure that the placement, size, and the orientation of the features are factually correct. The Fort is positioned in a land point between Sandy Cove and Ross cove with a wide view of the Pacific Ocean and the forested hills to the northeast. The call family highly valued the site, so they have maintained the property almost the same way as it were when the Russian left it (Sturtevant 1978).

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