Friedrich Nietzsche on Truth and Lie Essay

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Details: Can you read the essay from \”As a means for the preserving of the individual, the intellect unfolds its principle powers in dissimulation, coins which have lost their embossing and are now considered as metal and no longer as coins\” just this part, you don\’t need to read the whole essay.


Here’s a snippet of the essay.



One day, the lie might overcome truth, and lies will be accepted as the truth. In his essay, On Truth and Lie in an Extra-Moral Sense, Friedrich Nietzsche dismisses the truth as illusions, worn out metaphors with no sensory impact. According to him, the society has lost the real meaning of truth. In the essay, some of Nietzsche’s most twisted ideologies about the truth, metaphor, and language are revealed. In this paper, I will try to answer what the author exactly means when he refers to the truth as metaphor in language. If Nietzsche is right, what might be the implication of such a statement to the society? And what happens to the abilities of the liar with time as the society loses the grip on the truth?


Nietzsche refers to truths as being nothing more than metaphors in language. What this means is that the society has forgotten the real meaning or impression of truth. He insinuates that people have forgotten that truths are merely metaphors that are unrecognizable easily since the society has accepted these truths as real. Nietzsche insinuates that the society has allowed itself to forget that truths were precisely created as metaphors just as the image was embossed on the coin that he uses figuratively in the essay. The message is that, just as one can no longer see the image that was once created on the coin, so we fail to view truths as metaphors which is explained by the fact that we have accepted to agree that metaphors have masqueraded as truths. Nietzsche may be further interpreted to mean that the agreement the people have has always allowed them to work together, with mutual understanding, living together in a world which everything is described with reference to the people. He is convinced that people can never comprehend the real truth in its utter sense, that which exists without metaphor since the truth is the very world people can never achieve. He explains that truth exists in the world without creatures; devoid of animals and humans, that which has nothing that can perceive. Nietzsche further relates the truth – a metaphor, to the word, which he describes as the image of nervous stimulation by sound. This leaves us wondering about the relationship between the truth and language.


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