Global Warming: Fact or Fiction Essay.

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Details: My note contains the structure/format my professor wants it to be: Sections:1)introduction and historical background,ending with a clear and specific thesis statement 2)Summary of the pro argument 3)summary of the opposing argument 4)your evaluation of the views after you have thoroughly researched and thought critically 5)What is to be done to promote your reasoned view 6)Conclusion Structure of each section: Title, Thesis, Topic Sentences, Arguments, In-text citation and conclusion. Topic Description: A thesis statement, a brief summary of your major arguments, and two physical references handed in summarizing the arguments on each side Annotated Bibliography: Summarize-what are the main arguments;assess-is it a useful source,reliable,unbiased;reflect-has it changed how you think about the topic,was it helpful Lastly, also please let 5 sources be from journals/books and please provide MLA format work cited page.



Here’s a snippet of the essay.


Global warming refers to the rise in the temperatures in the earth’s atmosphere mainly attributed to carbon dioxide emissions among other air pollutants, it is a valid phenomenon, and intervention is inevitable. These pollutants trap the sun’s heat causing the earth to warm up. Global warming has become a contentious debate, with scientists trying to ascertain, though without substantial evidence, the underlying factors that lead to the phenomenon. The phenomenon comes with varied effects which range from positive to negative. However, even as facts about global warming have become a common knowledge, the phenomenon is confronted with myriad fictions. This paper identifies some of the facts and fiction about global warming.


The proponents’ side of the argument on concept of global warming greatly ascribes to three schools of thought that also reflect my theses: first, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which is most reliable to give information about the phenomenon is correct about the facts it presents on global warming as a valid phenomenon. Secondly, CO­2 is a principle cause of global warming and the argument against this may be misleading. Thirdly, the ice levels at the Poles are not increasing, but receding due to global warming and melting.


The Pro Argument


Even though the ideas presented to contest the phenomenon of global warming may seem quit convincing, many of these constructs are filled with fallacies, and may only be described as misleading. For instance, it would be very misleading to state that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is too politicized to accurately reflect the true ideas of the scientific fraternity. The undertakings of the IPCC are backed by the global scientific community. According to a joint statement issued in 2001 by the science academies from Belgium , Australia, brazil, Canada, china, New Zealand, Germany, France, Caribbean, Ireland, Italy, India, Indonesia, the UK, Sweden, and Malaysia, the IPCC has been recognized as world’s most reliable information regarding change of climate and its causes; this is arguably the best method of getting a consensus (IPCC 67). In 2001, the US national academy for sciences would be commissioned by the bush administration to assess the status of the global climatic change. In its report, it indicated that the IPCC’s conclusion that the observed warming over the last fifty years may be attributed to the accumulation of greenhouse gases accurately reflected the idea of the academy. This shows that unlike the opponents’ notion that the IPCC was a politicized system that would not reflect the status of the scientific community may be misguided and of place (IPCC 67).

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