Google’s Business and Corporate Level Strategies Essay.

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business level and corporate level strategies for Google



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Google is a multinational corporation in America that specializes in internet-based products and services. Some of the products offered by Google Inc. include internet search, software, cloud computing, and online advertisement. The corporation was founded by Sergey Brin, and Larry Page in 1996 while they were studying computer science in Stanford University. In 1998, Google Inc. would be incorporated as a privately owned company, followed by the initial public offering in August 2004. Google’s mission has always been “to organize information in the world and make it universally useful and accessible.” Throughout time, Google Inc. has constantly used its superior business and corporate level strategies to innovate new products, differentiate, and emerge competitively among its major competitors like Yahoo and Microsoft (Google Website).


Business level strategies


Google has always embraced about ten core business strategies that help it remain afloat in the ever changing scene of web business. Google has always focused on the user whereby the corporation has always focused on improving the user experience through availing a simple and clear homepage. The other strategy is that Google has always believed in constant improvement of its products and services; its employees are always encouraged to come up with new ways of improving products. The other strategy is emphasis on speed; at Google Inc., speed is the priority. The believe has always been that seeking answers to the search questions should be faster, and it is the only corporation that wants users to leave the web page as soon as possible. With this strategy in mind, Google introduced Google Chrome; the fastest browser in the world meeting with the modern needs and constantly being improved (Morrison, 2011).


Google has also embraced the democratic approach whereby the company depends upon millions of users who post their links on websites to arrive at other sites where they get valuable content. The corporation uses open source software development that has been identified for its innovations that are done by the company’s most talented programmers. The other important business strategy is that physical presence at the working desk may not be important when using Google.  Google has availed a range of products that enable the consumer to search the internet using the phone, and Android platforms. Google believes in making legal money: the company has always helped people to earn money through posting advertisements using AdWords and AdSense programs to deliver advertisements related to their site content. The other strategy is that Google has always ensured endless information on one topic: Google offers in-depth information on the topics searched as well as leaving scope of finding more information on any topic. To add to this strategy, Google has made it possible to access information in more than one language to ensure that it reaches many people in different countries. The strategy of maintaining a corporate culture of having energetic, creative, and passionate has enable Google to tackle challenges in a fun way and also take works seriously. All these strategies are important, however, the strategy of introducing new products has been the most important business strategy for Google (Watson, 2013).

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