Google’s HR Strategic Plan Essay.

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Assume that your team is a consulting firm hired by one of The 100 Best Companies to Work For, as published in Fortune magazines most recent report (January of each year) to prepare a comprehensive Human Resources Strategic Plan for this company that will sustain their human capital over the next five to 10 years. The company’s objectives for this plan include meeting their current and future goals by attracting and retaining key functional, technical, and leadership talent to maintain their competitive advantage.

The report should demonstrate your understanding of the issues involved in assessing the organization’s needs and making appropriate recommendations. Your response should be written in essay format, with detailed answers for each of the questions and proper attribution of all sources in APA format.
2. Prepare a continuity plan that evaluates the fol-lowing areas:
a. Workforce demographics:  What are the implications of changing workforce demographics including the aging workforce?
b. Job satisfaction: What are elements that lead to job satisfaction (e.g., money, flexible schedules, training, and/or recognition)?
c. Identify critical skills



Here’s a snippet of the essay.



Google is a company based in Mountain View, California. It has been reputed as the world’s most popular search engine. Not only is the company renowned for its innovative breakthroughs, but also a unique working culture and Human Resource policies. The company has been ranked as the most sought after by graduates and MBAs as well as the “100 best company to work for” in the list of fortune. The HR practices at the company are referred to as ‘people operations,’ they are specially designed to build a strong employee-employer relationship. The company’s excellent HR practices have helped increase employee productivity. The case study highlights Google’s HR strategy, the continuity plan, and makes recommendations for future improvements.


Organizational Mission


Google’s mission is to organize the information in the world to make it accessible and useful worldwide. The mission is accomplished through placing the users first. Offering high quality user experience has always led to more traffic and word-of-mouth promotion (


Google’s Human Resource Practices


Google has evolved the HR function by dismissing the old ways and innovating new ways. All aspects of HR at Google are dramatic and exciting.  The company has an excellent compensation scheme with an average employee earning more than $ 1 million every year. This metric may act as a strong indicator of the company’s effort to leverage its workforce. Google concedes the great role of talent management in the success. The company has always stated that sustained attraction, retention, and motivation of its workforce are key contributors to its success (Sullivan, 2013).


Google has created an employment brand that may be viewed as the strongest in the world. It has been ranked porition 1 on Fortune’s “100 best companies to work for” as well as being the No.1 choice for MBAs and undergraduate by the Business Week. These achievements have sustained worker turn over below 5% as thousands applications are posted daily. These results have been achieved through innovative HR approaches. Rather than focusing on the traditional training, the development efforts have been decentralized; trainings are only seen as tiny pieces of what they do.

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