How Goodness in People Still Exist Essay.

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Details:This essay is an examination on how despite how twisted our work is today, goodness still thrives. Please uses these as some of the sources: The story of the prodigal son, A good man is hard to find, the poem Fire and Ice, and the poem God’s Garden, and the movie The Machine Gun Preacher.



Here’s a snippet of the essay.



In the world, the belief many individuals about people are usually negative (Tuan 15). Some people believe that humans cannot be trusted since they cannot skip over an opportunity to steal from you or harm you. We hear many stories about bad things happening to people in the presence of bystanders who just observe and take no action. On the other hand, it is not often to hear good people stories; this makes it easy for people to doubt their existence.


Evolutionally psychology often argues that the nature of human is negative and that individuals are short sighted and selfish in search of their own their own self-interests (Keltner 25). Dacher Keltner, a professor of psychology tries to argue against this negative belief about human nature. In his book, emotions are the solution to living a good life and a course to happiness. People connect to one another through human emotions. The analysis of human nature is not without advantages. Human activities, as many people belief, are based on self-interests. However, this is not an accurate and complete description of human nature. Is people inclination to work together and selflessly a cultural construct? Is pro-social behavior a cultural way of controlling our extremely selfish base? This are some of the questions that Keltner seeks to answer in his book. He believes that positive emotions contribute to the goodness of people, and that these emotions have been helpful to people for decades. Kelter proposes that emotions encourage humanity, kindness and respect among people. This shows that individuals receive considerable emotional rewards if they act for the good of others, even if it means working against one’s self interests. This ability for people for the good of others arises from human fundamental instincts. The choices of person to follow or not to follow these fundamental instincts determine their goodness.


There many stories and incidents in the past in even today that show that good people still exist. The story of the prodigal in the bible is a good example. Jesus tells a story about a man who had two sons. The youngest of the son demanded his father to give him a part of the family possession as an early inheritance. After getting his portion, the son swiftly embarks on a long journey to a faraway land and starts to squander his inheritance on wild living. Eventually, his fortune runs out and a harsh famine strikes the land, the young son entangled in terrible circumstances. He gets a job of pig feeding. His circumstances become so bad that he results to eating the dirty pigs’ food. Finally, the young man comes to his senses and he remembers his father.  Humbly, he realizes his foolishness and makes a decision to go home to his father and seek mercy and forgiveness. Eagerly waiting and watching, the father receives back his son with welcoming arms of empathy. The father is so overjoyed by the homecoming of his lost son that he instantly directs his workers to set up a big feast for celebration (The Holy Bible: King James Version). When the older son comes back from working in the field and finds a feast in celebration of his younger brother return, he becomes very annoyed. The father tries to discourage the older brother from his resentful fury by explaining that all his possessions belong to him.


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