Human Rights/ Global Immigration Essay.

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Details:Part A  Define human rights. In your opinion, what are the rights that all people should have? How has contemporary feminism altered the debate on human rights? How active should the United States be in ensuring that all nations respect the human rights of their citizens? Part B  Consider the topic of global immigration that is presented in the boxed feature at the end of Chapter 11. Fully define and explain prejudice, discrimination, and racism and use these concepts to discuss the topic of global immigration. In your opinion, employing the sociological imagination, what is the significance of this topic?



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Part A

I may describe human rights as unalienable basic rights to which every person is entitled by the virtue of being a human being. Human rights have therefore been regarded as universal and egalitarian. These rights may come in form of natural rights and legal rights in regional, national, and international forums. The subject of human rights in international practice, inside international law, worldwide and local establishments, in the approaches of states and in the exercises of non-legislative associations, has been a foundation of Public Policy as far and wide as possible.  Everyone is qualified for all the rights and flexibilities set onward in this Declaration, without refinement of any sort, for example, race, color, sex, dialect, religion, political or other assessment, national or social beginning, property, conception or different status. Moreover, no refinement ought to be made on the support of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the nation or domain to which an individual has a place, if it is autonomous, trust, non-self-legislating or under any possible constraint of power (United Nations, 2001).

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