Implications of Modern Communication Essay.

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Details:Effective correctional leadership must confront unique
obstacles and challenges. These are often both internal and external.
At times, various special interests and stakeholders are on opposite
sides of an issue obstacle, or a potential solution. Choose an account
of a problem or a set of problems in correctional leadership either
from one of the supplemental reading suggestions or a reading you
select on a current or evolving problem. you may also choose your own
book or a count of a leader or leadership challenge in a non
correctional area. it may be an outstanding leader in the military,
business, politics, or the social sciences. if you choose this
alternative, in addition to the following requirements, relate how the
principles and strategies would apply to the correctional field and/or
criminal justice.



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The modern day communication; reading, writing, documentation has changed significantly due to a shift in technology. Computers and social media have become the wheel that drives communication. Brown and Duguid (1996), view the document as a social phenomenon that has the power to determine and enable, and influence powerful decisions in life. With the improvement in technology, this notion cannot be truer. The source and the recipient have been brought closer, and communication has never been faster before. Given the widespread adoption of computers in communication, the social side of communication and documentation has been affirmed. Now, information is easy to generate, manipulate, send, receive, and share; however, this has far reaching implications. The current case of Facebook bullying is exemplary of how social media communication can be manipulated to warrant far reaching implications.


Case study of Lewis Thelwall

Cyber bullying has had high negative impact on teenagers who find themselves on the worst side of it like it happened to Thelwall. The 19-year old student hanged himself after false rumors were spread on Facebook by two women. The coroner, Philip Roger, reported during the inquest on the suicide case that two young women posted malicious and extremely unfounded information about this student who used to dying his hair with different colors. After a scrutiny on Thelwall’s inbox, the police discovered that the information spread by the two women was extremely malicious and unfounded. After a closed interview with fellow students, the police realized that Thelwall was a ‘happy-go-lucky’ person who would easily get offended by Facebook slurs. The budding photographer died a year ago after the comments were posted online. The two women who knew too little about the results of such posts are reported to be apologetic and remorseful. The coroner warned that Cyber bullying in general is dangerous and people should always think about the consequences first (Arkell, 2013).

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