Infrastructure Protection Essay.

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Details:The essay is a critical review of a journal article about infrastructure protections. It must be at least five pages of narrative, exclusive of all other supporting material. Include in your review: A summary of the article. This should be about two pages. A description and explanation of the strengths and weaknesses of the article. This should be about two pages. A conclusion, which should include your recommendations for the articles\’s continued use in the course, a statement whether you would recommend it to others, or if not, why, and finally your opinion of the article as to its value to the homeland security community.



Here’s a snippet of the essay.


The increasing complexity of the modern society, has led to high vulnerabilities, the therefore, there is need for a systematic approach to protection of critical infrastructure. This paper is a critical analysis of an article by Mozaga and Kovarik (2010) entitled Several Remarks on Critical Infrastructure Protection. The article outlines the various aspects that are relevant in the study of infrastructure protection. First is a brief summary of the article. Then, from the lens of a scholar, I will refer to relevant literature to will the strengths and weaknesses of the article in meeting the expected outcomes in terms of diversity of topics, depth of analysis, and structure of the paper. I will also evaluate the usefulness of this article in the course, and propose its use by both a student of the course, and recommend whether it might be useful to a member of the homeland security community.


Summary of the Article


In this article, Mozga and Kovarik (2010) argue that describe two systematic methods namely; SoS, and LCCI as an abstract basis for planning and strategy protection. The consequences of these concepts may necessitate a system approach such as the GIRO framework which has been featured .  They state that there exists a very crucial relationship between critical infrastructure companies and state administration in the formulation of strategy of analysis of needs and protection adhering to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Infrastructure, being physical structures, essential services, or infrastructure of administration is deemed existent in order to enhance the sobriety of the society, and its development. According to the article, some forms of infrastructure are more important from the nationwide perspective owing to the severity of the potential consequences of their failure; such infrastructure has been described as critical infrastructure. The failure of critical infrastructure is featured to have severe implications to defense and national security. As cited in the article, Luiijf et al. (2005) contend that authorities of authority administrators and crisis planners may not understand the complexity and dependency of critical infrastructure, therefore, there is need for:

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