IT in Businesses Essay.

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Details: News Flash Choose a learning objective from Week 6 and
research an article on the Internet that relates to it. Write a
summary of the article discussing as well as what it means to you.
Your summary should be a minimum of 1 – 2 pages in length and should
be in your own words. Please cite your sources in the paper.


Here’s a snippet of the essay.


The evolution of Information technology had had a tremendous impact on the business world. The impact of the technological wave has restructured business operations; advertisement, communication, marketing, and production. Although much of the impact has been positive, there are negative impacts of IT integration in business. In this paper, I review an article from Purdue University titled Impact of IT on Global Business. In this article, Cynthia Tomovic analyses how IT has impacted business operations by focusing on effectiveness of IT, management teams and diversity, globalization, and the growth of E-commerce. The author highlights the positive and negative impacts of IT in these business realms.


Tomovic suggests that the effectiveness of IT has taken the business sector into the globalized marketplace. She argues that globalization has sealed the gap between time and space, introduced the business populace, brought a better understanding of civilizations, and strengthened relationships. Communication features as one of the greatest tenets of IT impact in the global business. Introduction of cell phones, fax, emails, video conferencing, instant messages, chats, and online conferences have facilitated business instant business communications from any global location. This has introduced new methods of meeting diverse teams, and introduced smooth approaches in company training programs (Tomovic, 2012).


According to Tomovic, the explosion of information technology has businesses utilizing several methods to advance input and output of production. Information technology in business has created cost efficient and effective systems offering multiple benefits. The work place is no longer limited to phone calls or at the mercy of the U.S. Postal Service anymore. Electronic mail (email) allows workers to send messages, attached documents and instantly electronically sending data all over the globe saving time and money. Electronic mail also can also be passed through multiple receivers if there is more than two parties are involved. In addition, the internet has eliminated space and time. Video or teleconferencing technology lets businesses on any part of the globe network with one another. Information technology also has reduced travel costs because businesses can set up virtual meetings and share thoughts, ideas and business information without the need to be in the same room. This allows the businesses to establish and maintain a global presence at no significant costs.

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