Laundromat Facility Essay.

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Details:Business Plan Sections Company Description For this section,
you should describe what differentiates your business from others, and
the markets your business serves. The basic description should
include: Company Name, Mission statement, Type of business (retail,
manufacturing, service), ownership/legal structure, Unique product or
service you will offer etc. Web resource: Market Analysis For
this section, you should describe the strengths and weaknesses of each
primary competitor: consider sales, quality, distribution, price,
production capabilities, reputation, and products/services. Outline
how your product or service stacks up in terms of pricing and identify
your competitive advantage. Web resource: Organization & Management
For this section, you should describe the management team: What are
the responsibilities and expertise of each manager? What role will
they play in managing personnel and resources? For each position,
outline the skills and talents that each person posses (or will
possess). Create a list of job descriptions for each position on your
organizational chart. Briefly outline your hiring and personnel plan.
Web resource:
Service or Product Line For this section, you should begin describing
your service or product and then include information about the
specific benefits of your product or service – from your customers\’
perspective. You should also talk about your product or service\’s
ability to meet consumer needs. In addition, explain the production
process: For products, describe the stages of production from
inception to completion. For a service company, detail the process of
delivering the service to customers. Web resource: Marketing & Sales
For this section, you should define your marketing strategy, include a
strategy for building your business (growth strategy), Choices for
distribution channels (Channels of distribution strategy), and How are
you going to reach your customers (Communication strategy) Web


Here’s a snippet of the essay.



Sleek Cleaners Laundromat


Mission Statement


We seek to provide first class contemporary laundry services at the most convenient and reasonable prices.


  • About us

Established in the year 2006 by the Jones Family, Sleek cleaners are a privately owned Laundromat providing laundry services to both individual and corporate entities. Located in central metropolis, the company is conveniently within minutes reach from most parts of the town. With over five years in business, we pride in the deep experience, in the handling of diversified fabric and hosting the current state of the art Laundromat machines, our services are compared to none.


2.0 Market Analysis


Sleek cleaners began as a miniature Laundromat facility back in the year 2006, providing service to a maximum of 5 individuals at a time due to the small number of laundry machines it had. With years, the enterprise has become a fully-fledged Laundromat capable of handling 70 customers at a given time and eventually taking on corporate clientele. Though providing exquisite services, Sleek Laundromat has a pocket-friendly pricing system that ensures each client’s planned budget for laundry services is fully catered. The company seeks to invest in a long-term relationship resulting from professional, friendly service which ultimately encourages our customers to return.



2.1 Competitive Analysis


Our competitors in the business include similar Laundromats within the vicinity with whom we have a friendly-competitive environment. Although providing similar services as our competitors, sleek cleaners boast to having an edge to other Laundromats in that our state-of-the art laundry machines handle any fabric and also accommodate a payment card option to the conventional coin payment option.


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