Legalizing Marijuana Essay.

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Details:Hi, The research paper should be argumentative. I am against
legalizing marijuana. Each argument \”bundle\” should talk about the
same topic: financial, social, physical, mental, etc. # The paper
should exactly follow the outline. # Her is my outline I. Introduction
A. Background: ( could be something like the history of marijuana). B.
Thesis Statement: Some people claim that marijuana should be legalized
because it has medicinal value, it increases the government revenues,
and it\’s less dangerous than alcohol which is legal. However, I
strongly believe that marijuana should not be legal because it leads
to addiction, personal financial problems, and also it leads to car
accidents. II. Argument 1 A. Argument 1 (other side): Some people
claim that marijuana is good because its medicinal value.( A source).
B. Rebuttal 1: However, it causes medical problems. ( A source). C.
Counterargument 1: Marijuana leads to addiction. ( A source). II.
Argument 2 A. Argument 2 (other side): People that advocate for
legalization of marijuana claim that it increases the government
revenue. ( A source). B. Rebuttal 2: However, some statistics show no
increase.( A source). C. Counterargument 2: Marijuana causes some
personal financial problems. ( A source). IV. Argument 3 A. Argument 3
(other side): People on the other side believe that marijuana is less
harmful than other legal drugs.( A source). B. Rebuttal 3: However,
marijuana is also dangerous. ( A source). C. Counterargument 3:
Marijuana can lead to car accidents. ( A source). V. Conclusion
(summarizing) # The references should be more clear. #Include the
following information for each source that you cited in your writing:
Author, A. A. (Date of publication). Title of article. Title of
Journal, volume number. Retrieved from


Here’s a snippet of the essay.



Legalization of marijuana is one of the most contested debates among social, political, and economic bigwigs. The subject of whether to legalize of illegalize the substance is broad; with both camps of the debate holding enough substance to sway an undecided mind. The advocates for the legalization of marijuana contend that if marijuana is legalized, it would bring more money to the treasury in form of taxes. They further explain that marijuana has medical benefits, even as they assume the side effects associated with each drug made from marijuana. Further claims are that marijuana is less harmful to other drugs such as alcohol, which are associated with deaths. However, they proponent debate may be flawed, and unfounded in that they are obscured from both the real effects of marijuana. First, the medicinal effects of marijuana may be counteracted by the side effects of the same drugs. As seen in the paper, each drug has side effects. On the other hand, taxing marijuana may not increase government revenue; it would only lead to more internal and external costs such as increased medical bills, insurance bills, and personal financial problems. Furthermore, marijuana alters mental memory leading to more secondary problem. This paper gives a broad argument to guard the motion that marijuana is should not be legalized.




Marjuanam a plant strain from the same family as hemp. Its scientific name is “Canabis Sativa,” is one of the most commonly abused drugs in the US. Marijuana is a shredded, dry, green and brown plant whose flower, seeds, leaves, and stem may be smoked, brewed as tea, or mixed with food. The major active ingredient in marijuana is called delta-9-tetrahydrocannibinol (THC) (Gahlinger, 2004). In America, in the course of recent decades, we have seen a stormy and questionable discussion about the conceivable outcomes to public opinion that may happen from decriminalizing or legalizing marijuana. Starting with Oregon in 1973, what added up to 12 states including Alaska, Nebrasca, Colorado, California, Minnesota, Mississippi, New York, Nevada, Ohio, and North Carolina adjusted their current laws to diminish the punishments for marijuana ownership. Maybe the most engaging contention for marijuana decriminalization would be its impact on the economy and government plan. The reasons may go from extracurricular medication use medicinal uses and anyplace amidst. The positive impacts restorative examination states marijuana can help with disease patients and critically ill people, however just for lessening pain and boosting appetite. On account of glaucoma the weight from the eyeballs are diminished by the blood stream changing with the impacts of THC ( While there may be some positive impacts for utilization of marijuana, the negative impacts exceed positives impacts. It is a known reality that marijuana has more tar in the leaf than tobacco; this coupled with brain altering effects of THC in the circulation system are sufficient to inhibit anybody from Marijuana use. Marijuana is additionally marked as a gateway drug.


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