Limits in Calculus: Proofing Theorems with Examples Essay.

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Details:This paper will focus on the last two modules of the course.
As a reminder, these two modules deal with modern mathematics from the
Renaissance to the Nineteenth Century. Choose a mathematical topic
listed below. Discuss at least five different theorems for each topic.
You must indicate the following: 1. The mathematician who created the
theorem. 2. The idea behind the theorem. 3. An example you would use
to show students, if you are teaching a lesson on this topic. The
Mathematical Topics  Algebraic Symbolism in Elementary Algebra
Algebraic Symbolism in Intermediate Algebra Solving Polynomial
Equations Complex Numbers  Basic Probability Laws and
Calculations  Statistical Inference and Hypothesis Testing
Conic Sections  Theory of Equations in Precalculus Limits in
Calculus  Derivatives  Integrals  Fundamental Theorem of
Calculus  Power Series  Vector Spaces  Solutions of Ordinary
Differential Equations  Groups in Abstract Algebra  Algebraic
Numbers and Fields in Abstract Algebra  Projective Geometry  Set
Theory in Advanced Calculus Final Paper Outline You are required to
submit a 2-page outline of your final paper that describes the
mathematical topic you will research on. You should also include the
name of the mathematician, the theorem, and at least two resources you
have found.





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