Management Essay.

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Details: The assignment is to write about were discussed in an article which ran in the Wall Street Journal recently, entitled How a Brewing Hobby became a Business. Your assignment is to prepare a brief (5-6 page) paper analyzing this article about the East End Brewing Company and arguing in support of your analysis. Describe the events and attitudes discussed in the article, and offer your ideas about the causes of these events and ideas. Use the information in Chapter 10 of the text book to guide your analysis.  The book is Griffin, Management, Houghton Mifflin, 11th Edition  The object is to apply management techniques to these real issues. Justify your assumptions, but do not get bogged down in marketing, finance, or accounting.  Limit the report to 5-6 pages, plus exhibits, appendices, and citations.( label them the last page of the report)  Try to focus on the application of management principles and techniques and the clarity and organization of the report.  The link for the article is (



Here’s a snippet of the essay.



“How a brewing hobby became a business” is an article by James Hagerty that recently appeared in the Wall Street Journal. The article entails the story of how a 48-year old mechanical engineer, vegetarian and a father of two who spent thirteen years working as a manufacturing and IT manager at Chlorox Company – a bleach making company.  Abruptly decided to quit the corporate world at his late 30s in order to turn his home-brewing hobby into a business.


East End Brewing Company, Smith’s company, grows to be one of the Pittsburgh’s best known craft beer makers and he can now afford to hire four fulltime and five part-time employees.  Smith has expanded capacity and bought a building in the neighborhood. When buying the building, Smith raised a zero-rate interest loan of $100,000 which he achieved by persuading 100 clients to pay in advance for beer worth $1,000 and other merchandise.


Smith has always avoided bank loans which he cites as his peculiar way of managing entrepreneurial risks. During the interview with The Wall Street Journal, Smith says that his business goal was to venture in his field of interest and pursue short-term goals. Smith chooses to remain local and retain quality of his product. He evaluates potential employees not by paper credentials but can only judge after experiencing one’s workmanship. His company has no structured financial plans and it also depends on social media for marketing products. Smith’s advice to people setting up a business like his is to be guided by their identity and embrace their flaws as their character. Smith also advises starters to have a sense of humor since the beer business is fun and intoxicating.



Nature of business

            The above article can be analyzed using management perspectives from chapter 10 of Griffin’s book Management.  In the book, Griffin explains entrepreneurship skills for start up small business organizations. Having abruptly quit his job in the corporate world as an information-technology manager to try his luck in entrepreneurship, Mr. Smith employed entrepreneurial risks. According to Griffin, entrepreneurship is the process of planning, organizing, operating, and assuming risks in a business (266). Smith enters the entrepreneurial space using family savings instead of applying for financial help from financial organizations like many other U.S entrepreneurs do. He also starts his beer brewing business with no employees; this way, he was getting into the entrepreneurial world not knowing the success or future of his new business. The two actions also show that Smith was acquainted to entrepreneurship, thus assuming its risks.





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