Marketing a Non-Profit Organization Essay.

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Details: Identify a nonprofit organization that you feel has a product/service or sales mindset. How would you recommend it shape its marketing strategy to a target audience-centered mindset? How would  shifting its mindset improve its operation?



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I would like to start this paper by having a brief overview of the different perspectives used in marketing that will clarify the scope of marketing for both profit-based and non-profit organizations. It will also be important to highlight some of the ways in which a non-profit organization may market itself thus improving its operations. The beginning of the 21st century has seen an increase in the emphasis on social marketing in the non-profitable sector and therefore a renewed focus on ethical issues (Kotler & Andreasen, 2008). For this purpose, it would be important to elaborate on the importance of branding and marketing for libraries as a starting-point for dialogue rather than exchange.


The different perspectives in marketing


Marketing may be defined differently in different perspectives, from a profit perspective, Kotler and Armstrong  define marketing as the process through which companies ay create value for customers and build powerful customer relationships so as to capture value for customers in return (2008, P. 5). From a non-profit perspective, marketing is the process of planning and executing programs that are designed to influence the behavior of the target audience through creating and maintaining beneficial exchanges with the purpose of satisfying individual and organizational objectives (Kotler & Andreasen, 2008, p.36). According to the two perspectives, marketing seems to be all about influencing the behavior of the consumers and creating sustainable enriching relations of exchange.


Different mindsets in marketing


The product/service mindset involves marketing through creating a better product from what is perceived as best in an organization. A product/service mindset for non-profit marketing asserts that success comes to those organizations that offer services or goods that they are convinced will be best for the services (Kotler, 2009). The sales mindset prioritizes advertizing and operates with a belief that promotion is the key to success. They think that success comes to those organizations that best persuade the customer to accept their offerings as opposed to competitors’. While the sales and product/service mindsets operate from the organization’s point of view, the target audience mindset departs from the outside; it researches into the target audience’s needs, demands, and wants. It holds that success comes to those organizations that best determine the perceptions, wants, and needs to the target audience and continually works to satisfy the needs by designing, pricing, communication, and delivery of the appropriate and competitive proportions (Andreasen & Kotler, 2008, p. 39)

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